that time of the year ‘ the campus placement time’

Its the time of dilemma, uncertainty, excitement, anticipation and very importantly life altering decisions.

It is about this choice v/s that decision; head v/s heart; gut feeling v/s rule books.

Let’s face it, it is all about …

Career v/s Placement

Knowledge implementation v/s The Perfect Job

Long term development v/s short term gain

Graduates in the built environment sector today from premier Institutes in the field of design, architecture, engineering, planning or management — what are they seeking v/s what the industry has to offer??

Why is there always a gap in the expectations of both applicants and employers?? Why does it always seem Freshers are either being exploited due to their desperation to find a job or the employers are not getting the right talents & skills that they seek??

There is a huge mis-match in the employment scenario in the built environment sector.

Since 2005, when we set up development2020 offering Project & Development Management Consultancy, we have been recruiting graduates with these basic things in mind, keeping aside all other promotional gimmicks of these institutes & the applicants.

What really matters to us while recruiting fresh Graduates, fresh Talents, are these basic criteria -

One who has a basic understanding of, if given an opportunity, how to take his/her final year research work further into the field of execution?

One who has no inhibitions or limited choices of the type of tasks they would like to undertake in their field of interest.

One who is an entrepreneur of his / her own ideas. If one has this streak, sky is the limit for both themselves as well as their employer.

One who has atleast one interest, passion outside of their formal education. If one can cater to their own satisfaction first then they will be able to begin to understand project & client needs.

One who can hold herself/himself with utmost integrity, confidence and a humility of a learner. If one can follow well, he/she will one day be able to lead well.

The recruitment process is an experience for both the parties and a lot of lessons can be learnt to bridge the gap between mutual expectations of the recruiting organisations and the applicants.

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