This irreverent book has a few gems, a lot of vapid pontification but a crystallized theme that is actually worth a read.

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Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art made it on my reading list in part because of its impertinent title and in part because it is a self-help book that is masquerading as not a self-help book. However, the arrow finds it mark because as someone who is vehemently against self-help books, I actually thought the underlying message here is something that will help (gasp) my self.

The tl;dr message here is threefold -

  1. In our lives we have a finite number of fucks to give (PG:13 we can only expend our energy on so many things). We can choose to give them out willy-nilly on daily minutiae or we can laser focus the energy on the things that directly derive from our core values. …

A few months ago, some friends and I left a music festival in the Vegas desert at 2 AM to get a ride back to our hotel. We left 30 minutes before the last performance to beat the crowds to an Uber, hoping to snag a car before the networks jammed and the prices surged. As we exited the venue, we joined the small trickle of people who had the same idea as us — the early bird gets the Uber.

As it turns out, the early birds were wrong. We were not matched with an Uber for another 90 minutes and were finally seated in our Uber at 8 AM! During this painful wait, we watched hundreds of people who left after us get into hundreds of Ubers, while our car waited in the traffic that was the outcome of a venue unprepared to handle such an influx of pickups. …

This blogpost has been sitting in my inbox for two years now, awaiting a final read-through and edit. Since then JustDial bagged a Rs. 300cr round from investors and followed up with a successful IPO. Unfortunately, all my concerns about JustDial from two years ago hold just as true now as they did then, indicating that little progress has been made by the company in the space of search integrity and transparency.

JustDial is ubiquitous in India. In the last fifteen years of its existence, JustDial has aggregated exhaustive listings of every corporation, restaurant, shop and business establishment in the country and made this information available to users with a simple phone call. …


Tanvi Surti

Uber Product | ex-Microsoft | ex-Startup | Book Worm | Feminist | Bollywood connoisseur

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