Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen: An LA gem

Tanvi Varma
May 1 · 3 min read

Krimsey’s is the only vegan Cajun restaurant in the world, and it’s in North Hollywood!

Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen speaks to me because of their delicious vegan beignets (or shall I say #veignets), but I can’t talk about its sweet treats without paying homage to the all around deliciousness of the restaurant. The restaurant boasts that it’s the only vegan Cajun restaurant in the world, and rightfully so. Making the menu entirely vegan is quite an accomplishment, given that Cajun cuisine is heavily based in sausage, and seafood.

For those that may be wondering what Cajun food is, it is the food of people from Acadia, Canada, who were deported by the British for not obeying the King. They then came to Louisiana and created their own cuisine of food, which is often known best for its Cajun seasoning. The food is definitely rich in flavor as it utilizes cayenne pepper, cardamom, and basil among a plethora of other spices.

My friends and I drove an hour into North Hollywood to try this place, and it was definitely worth the drive. My friend Rachel and I ordered the Jambalaya with a side of cornbread, and my friend Malika ordered the Louisiana Sampler, which was fried okra, potatoes, and cornbread.

Everything was delicious. If I had to be critical, I’d say their cornbread could have been more sweet and less dry. But the combination of the cornbread is essential to the Jambalaya because it is spicy.

“As a passionate animal lover & cruelty free foodie I LOVED Krimsey’s Kitchen! It was authentic food that was 100% vegan and it tasted amazing. We also met a bunch of animal activists there and made some great connections. You need to go here!” said Rachel.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: the dessert review. Krimsey’s serves their beignets really hot, so while you might be sad that you have to wait a little to eat it, when you actually do bite into the soft pillowy texture, the beignet literally melts in your mouth like a cloud. The powdered sugar on top compliments the inside doughy texture of the beignet itself.

“It was super yummy, flavorful and filling ! The beignet was really nice and doughy tasted like warmth and comfort” said my friend Malika.

When you order the beignet, you get two of them. Not to mention, they’re on the bigger side so you might want to split it with a friend.

The fact that the restaurant is entirely vegan speaks volumes to fellow vegans in LA, who are looking for more diversity in their foods, rather than the generic vegan food that is available in supermarkets.

“It’s unique we don’t have restaurants like this at all. My hope is that these kinds of things keep expanding,” said restaurant patron Jeff Fox.

Fox added that the type of cuisine that catered most to vegans is Thai food.

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