Thank you for your attention. I am excited to share.

I am traveling to 12 countries in 12 months, with 75 people. I got into Remote Year Kublai! I want to document my story this year.

It’s not just for the curious. It’s inspiration for the travelers. It’s the tips and tricks for the remote worker. It breaks down why people become digital nomads.

I’ve been dabbling with many side projects for years.

I know how you feel. It’s the fear. I get it.

I felt the same way about releasing my work. The self-talk muscle is dangerous:

No one will like it. People won’t watch it. You’ll look dumb. You’ll waste your time.

But, you’ll never say those sentences to a friend or family member, let alone a stranger.

I’m finding that working and setting deadlines for my writing, videos and podcast helps. It removes the time to ‘workout’ my negative self-talk muscle. It gives me more time to working out my creativity muscle. It’s a messy one.

I’m documenting this for you.

Here we are now. Here is to the first one.

I hope this story inspires you to write yours.

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