The Big and Small Things

Daily Truth — 4/18/16

Advice that is hard for me to take: simplify your life.

But when I do take a step back. I see a few truths:

The big things in my life aren’t so big. The small things aren’t so small.

The big things like getting to work on time, paying my rent & bills, worrying about other people and everything in between are smaller than I think.

The small things like sub-8 minute old sunshine hitting your face, the taste of coffee at 6 AM, smiles from greeting strangers, and everything in between are what makes life wonderful.

Simplify your life. It will give you back the time to re-establish purpose in life.

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

It’s a goal worthy for me.

If you believe others should hear this too, recommend this post for others to see. Thank you for reading this. Your attention is a small thing that means big things to me.