I don’t have all the answers. But, I’m willing to dig through successful habits.

This is a clip from a CreativeLive event with Chase Jarvis. It’s Tim Ferriss on how to land your first few, quality clients.

I’ve been getting lots of rejections from prospects in the last 60 days. Yet, 2 emails will trump all the rejections.

It can suck. But, there are lessons hidden in them. Take advice on methods vs principles. Ferriss does a great job not telling you what you should do. I mean, how the hell should he know what you should do. He dives into his principles and how he thinks about the solution to his problems.

It reminds me of James Altucher’s quote:

“Good advice is good autobiography. Bad advice is just another idiot trying to be a gatekeeper.”

And, good autobiography holds principles you can use to approach your own problems. Thanks Tim for giving us sincere and thoughtful answers.

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