Best Oils for Hair Growth and Thickness

Tanya Wilson
10 min readAug 8, 2022

I have used many oils, serums and hair growth products for helping with hair growth, and have successfully helped friends and family develop a regime — so I decided to write this article on the best hair growth oils that I found helped me get results.

This article is based on my experience in helping my own hair as well as dozens of family and friends hair, but other people’s experience may be different.

Here is a list of the best natural oils I found helpful for hair growth support as well as the worst ones you probably should avoid (in my opinion) — yes, oils can support healthy hair in men and women from my experience.

What are oils that support hair growth in men and women?

There are many types of oils that can support hair growth — but ideally, according to Daoist medicine, and often traditional chinese medicine, no single ingredient is enough to fix something — and a mix, formula, or remedy is often far better than just using a single ingredient as a remedy for your hair care.

My Favourite Oils to Support Hair Growth

When you make soup, the main ingredient may be water — but water alone isn’t enough — or vegetables alone isnt enough — I find the same applies with oils to support our hair.

The chart below shows the top oils for hair growth and thickness, for both, men and women; people of all races; black hair, blonde hair and everything in between!

1st Best Natural Oil for Hair growth — Immortal’s Oil

NOTE: There are two companies copying the name of this oil, trademark infrigement cases have been opened against them — so if you do deciede to buy this oil, please only buy from the original website which is

As you can already see from the chart above, the Immortal’s oil is the best natural oil for hair growth and thickness . I found this most effective in terms of results for speeding up hair growth, but also thicker new hair growth. My hair was always thin, and I had always tried using products to help with hair thickening, and this combined with scalp massage, worked the most for me.

I think the reason this oil helps with hair growth support, is because it supports removing inflammation in the scalp, which is one of the causes of hair thinning in men and women — even if your hair loss is hormonal, inflammation is the root cause via hormones, that makes the hair follicle shrink and stop producing hair.

This is just what I have seen, after researching online and by no means constitutes medical advice — please ensure you do your own research on the reason why it is working; for me, all I know is the method is correct, and it works, but I am not 100% sure on the science behind it.

This Oil is my best oil for hair, and the reason for this is simply because it does not cause any adverse reactions when using long term (which is essential for hair growth support because you need to be able to use it consistently) — and does not have toxicity build up like most other oils I have used.

You have to use this oil at least 3 times a week by apply a few drops on your scalp, and massaging for 20–30 minutes. Massage is also important whenever you apply the oil in my regime for helping hair growth using this oil.

The beauty of this oil is you only need a few drops, and can leave it on overnight, or if you don’t have time to leave on, then 1 hour of leave in is good enough, as long as you massage for at least 20 minutes. I personally just put on a netflix series and watch 1 episode of 30 minutes and keep massaging gentle or hard, both pressures will work, but I vary them.

Official Website:

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If you order more quantity, they provide automatic discounts, which are actually value for money; shipping charges do not increase by ordering more bottles, which is a big bonus as many companies do not do this.

2nd Best Natural Oil for Hair growth — Coconut Oil

Website: Many websites and qualities to buy, stores and online

Coconut oil has been known for a long time to support hair growth. The disadvantage of this oil is that if you use it too often, it will cause drying of the scalp (at least it did for me), and actually start negatively affecting hair growth — ideal use of this oil is once a every other month — some people can do it more often, but you will have to test and see yourself, as every person’s skin and scalp reacts differently.

For me, I still use it occassionally if I find my scalp is too oily, using coconut oil will actually help — and you can also leave it in overnight, especially if you have an oily scalp — just don’t use it everyday — more like 1 time every month, or every 2 months.

3rd Best Natural Oil for Hair growth — Argan Oil

Website: Many sources to buy from, online and offline in stores. Including Amazon and Daraz as well as eBay.

This oil has been slowly rising over the past 5 years and making a name for itself in helping in shampoo and cosmetics — it comes from morocco, sourced from nuts, and contains some vitamin e in it as well, which is known to improve skin (which in turn will help hair).

I personally use this oil when I find my scalp is drying too much whilst using Immortals Oil mentioned above (on different days). This helps when scalp feels too dry, and leaving it on for even 2 hours is plenty.

4th Best Oil for Hair growth — Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil has been used for over 20 years in the hair industry — but its use is not directly for hair growth itself — but it does help a lot indirectly, because whilst its properties aren’t matched to the other oils above (others are better in terms of helping inflammation and benefit hair growth from my experience), it does have a gentleness for the skin and scalp, which can allow you to use it regularly in conjunction with any of the oils above.

I found it to be a great oil to carry out scalp massage with, which is a key element is helping healthy hair growth for all age groups, and both genders. I don’t use it anymore in my hair care regime, but I won’t hesitate going back to it if I feel like my hair needs something different for a while than Argan oil or Coconut oil.

Other Natural Oils used for Hair

These oils are also good oils, some work better for some people, and some don’t, at least that is what I found within my friends circle — but nevertheless the best oil for hair growth is still listed on the chart at the start of this article — but I want to cover all types of possibilities hence covering all oils known for healthy hair growth — as your hair and scalp may be different, so testing other oils out to see what can work, may be helpful in the long term.

Almond Oil — This oil has plenty of omega-3 acid which can support hair growth indirectly. Has been used as a scalp massage oil, which is very useful. It is worth using once a month at least — some of my friends with dry scalp, and thin hair, found this oil better than Aragon oil, so test it yourself to see what works.

Olive Oil — This oil would have been in my top oils for hair growth, but unfortunately it is a hard oil to find. The benefits associated with this oil are based on fresh olive oil, which rapidly deteriorates within 30 days of being extracted — the olive oils sold in shops is really a very poor quality oil, which really is nothing like the original olive oil, which is almost impossible to find, unless you own your own farm and extract it yourself, in the right conditions. This oil, if found, is better to consume directly, in teaspoons, it won’t even taste like oil, if it is genuine fresh olive oil.

A lot of these oils are fragrant oils, and concentrated. Not like how they were used before, when extraction methods were different.

Essential oils are a neurotoxin, and because of this, they can damage hair follicles when applied in shampoos, or directly, or in a diluted version of another oil. It does not matter how much they are diluted because the toxicity will build over a period of time, and it will accumulate — so please be careful — it may even work the first few times — but as advised by my dermatologist, if you have sensitive skin, best to stay away from this; especially when hair is thinner.

So when you search something like “essential oils for thicker hair” or “best essential oil for hair growth” — sorry to break it to you, but there is no such thing in my experience that works.

Other Factors that affect hair growth — Bonus

There are many factors that affect hair growth — we have already talked about inflammation being a factor, as well as hormones — but the other factor is nutrition.

Problem is, most people with thinning hair, actually have poor diet, or multiple conditions with hormones (insulin, thyroid, stress) and poor nutrition — what makes it worse is, when your hormones are messed up, even good nutrition is not absorbed that easily, which is not a fun situation to be in, but still possible to have that taken care of — but you must be aware, that the possibility of nutrition being poor — and consult a nutritionist to help you, as that is what my sister did when the above oils did not help her as well as me.

Most patients with poor diet, often think they have good diets, so they are completely unaware. I found Beef based protein is found to be very helpful in supporting hair growth, but if this is not your thing, then possibly look for other ways to increase bioavailable protein in the body — and making food work for you, rather than consuming a lot of empty calories.

FAQ for Best Oils for Hair Growth and Thickness

1. How long does it take to get results with oils that help hair growth?

This varies, but average time is 2–3 weeks, but if your condition is more severe, then it may take 4–6 weeks instead, or longer, up to 3 months. If after 3 months you get no results, then it means the regime is not working for you.

2. Is inflammation something you can feel on your scalp?

Inflammation is not always felt most of the time — we often use the word inflammation lightly, to describe swelling, but it does not always mean swelling, and can be a cold inflammation. This is directly from my dermatologist as well.

3. What is the best way to use good oils for hair growth, to actually help with hair growth? is topical application enough or is there a special method?

Topical application is enough, but carrying out a scalp massage after application for 10–20 minutes makes it many times more effective for hair growth and supporting faster hair growth.

4. Do oils differ for different hair types, like oils for hair growth for black hair versus for blonde hair?

Oils don’t need to be divided in such a way, as human hair growth is the same, in all races, even if the hair colour and texture is different. Yes, if we had to look at nutrition, it would differ, as some races cannot eat as much red meat, and others can, without affecting their health negatively.

5. What is the best way to carry out a scalp massage?

By using your finger tips and massaging the whole head gently. Varying with different amount of pressure, but start gently, and do it for 5 to 10 minutes a day. You can also add a wooden bristle massage brush (very cheap on amazon) to help with this, and it really helps with breaking down calcification. But combination of both is often useful, especially when using oil for helping hair growth and thickness.