Reasons To Buy Toys Made From Natural Materials

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”- Native American Proverb

The best gift that we can give to our planet- Earth is instilling the values of sustainability in children right from early years. If future generations start using natural materials from the starting, then Earth will be a better place to live in.

Here is a list of reasons for buying toys made of natural materials:

· Gulping of Materials- Children, especially babies tend to take everything in their mouth. They love to explore things by taking it in their mouth, hence natural made toys are recommended than plastic toys. The cheap plastic toys can cause harm to children as they contain toxic chemicals. They are made not keeping in mind the safety of children. It is always advised to buy toys which are made of wood to escape the hazards caused to children.

· Durability- Wooden toys are mostly long lasting and do no wear and tear after few months or years. Even if broken they are easy to fix and are safe for babies. Generally, plastic toys are preferred by parents because they are less priced than wooden toys. But, they ignore the fact that wooden toys are well kept in the long run as compared to plastic toys. They are more appealing to look at and can be kept for generations. Plastic toys are good to look and feel but they are not beneficial in the long run- they break, are harmful.

· Biodegradable- Wooden toys are natural made material which have less impact on the environment as compared to plastic toys. These toys are safe ad eco-friendly for babies. Mostly, the paint used is also not harmful for children along with heirloom quality.

· Safety- Plastic toys are risky and hazardous for children. Most of the plastic toys have sharp edges which can hurt children and can be hazardous. It can be risky for them in the long run if the sharp edge goes into sensitive areas of body like eyes. Wooden toys have curved edges which is not risky for children and on the other hand they are easy to hold as well.

· Educational Benefits- Most of the wooden toys are educational and can aid children in developing different areas of development. They can create new games and outcomes which encourages interaction and role play. Wooden toys are plain which boosts them to play in any form they want to.

The above points very well explained the reasons for buying wooden toys. Thus, why not break out of plastic and get back to wooden toys. You and your children both will be happy with your decision to buy safe, long lasting and antique quality toy.