I don’t want to hear about it.

There was a time in my life where unfortunately I used to live on gossip or “news”. I didn’t realize how destructive it was until I understood the human nature behind it and how unproductive it is. Even it is true, it can do a lot of damage to other people and yourself.

I learned how destructive it was when I saw people using this gossip against each other. I saw teams at companies break into pieces over something that really wasn’t anyone’s business to repeat. If someone is willing to gossip with you about someone else, what makes your think you are safe from their words?

Just because something is the truth doesn’t mean it is your business or your right to spread it around. There is no reason to be so hateful and destructive. Your words can damage other people.

So, what do we do about gossip? The best response is to let the other person know that you don’t have time for it. You don’t spread it around. You let it die right there.

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