The day I decided to give up

Image Courtesy : Google

Often we are told not to give up, to hold on and keep going no matter what, and I was one of the biggest proponents of this ideal, until I realized something.

Not giving up on your dreams is definitely the best thing you can do, but applying this theory in almost all walks of life is the worst thing anyone could do to themselves.

And I was doing exactly that.

I was unfocused, used to take up a lot of projects simultaneously, and was not able to finish anything. I decided I should not give up on my singing and my dancing, so used to do that too.

I was interested in Web development, algorithm analysis, Artificial Intelligence, System Engineering, Learning Spanish and French and German, and the list goes on for about 6–7 lines more, and I was trying to do it all.

But in the end I wasn’t getting exceptionally good at anything at all. I was perplexed and wondered where all my time was going.

In parallel to this stuff, I was also struggling with my relationship. I struggled with low self esteem and anxiety issues for almost two years.

And then one day, a friend told me, “You cannot do it all. And even if you want to, do it one by one”

This simple sentence had been told to me multiple times, but that day something got stuck in my mind, and just like that I gave up.

I gave up on all the above things in an instant and decided to work on only one thing at a time.

I also quit my relationship and ended things once and for all.

I decided to stick to my decision of not focusing on everything. It stuck — one day, one week, then a month went by. I was constantly committed to focusing on only one thing at a time. And slowly slowly, I started seeing improvements. My focus started improving at work. I was feeling happier about myself. My self esteem took a jump, and I was feeling like at least I can do that one thing properly on which I have been focusing for the past month.

I feel that often we sabotage our own abilities by focusing on too many different things all at once, burning ourselves out emotionally and mentally. That is just getting busy, it doesn’t mean that you are actually getting stuff done.

There is always a difference between being busy and being productive.

Thanks for reading :)