Getting There

Tanya Geisler
Aug 28 · 2 min read

It’s a mystical land, “There”, with its seductive promise of splendour, glory, Enough, and All. You want to get to There. But you’re Here.


I have some theories.

You’re anxious that you don’t know where There is.

You’re troubled by the effort it will take to get There.

You’re terrified that when you get There, it’ll be the wrong There.

Worse still, when you get There, you’re afraid They’ll find out you’re not really supposed to be There, after all.

You’re not ready to start going There. There are all these things you need to do Here first before you can even take the first step towards There…

All perfectly reasonable fears, Love.

And still, There beckons.

Know how you WILL get There?

Step by step. With courage.

And, not to sound too much like a fortune cookie, but every journey starts with that first step.

And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are ready enough.

Ready enough to name your There — even if it isn’t the perfect name, or if the address changes on the way.

Ready enough to decide that the effort is worth it, and/or that you can break that effort down into teeny tiny baby steps. (Because — did you know?? — baby steps still move you forward.)

Ready enough to go There and then pivot if the There isn’t quite what you imagined it would be.

Ready enough to assemble your cast and remember that your people want you to succeed — Here, There, and everywhere!

Because whatever There looks like for you? I know for a fact you are ready enough to make that first step.

(And yes, sometimes we need a little support to take the first step. That’s what the Starring Role Academy is all about. Maybe the Academy is your first step? Click here to get on the VIP list and be the first to know when the curtains open.)

Before you head off though, will you take a moment to thank Here? For the ground beneath your feet. For the known and the shown.

Now, blow Here a tender kiss and set off on your way.

It’s time.

Originally published at on August 28, 2019.

Tanya Geisler

Written by

Step into your Starring Role: Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker on #ImpostorComplex. Book’s coming…soooooon.

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