Everyone knows that office design is a key aspect of any business. Office design assists in helping clients, motivating employees and assisting with logistics. At the same time, redesigning an office can be a huge commitment.

How do office managers know when to update their office? Here are three top reasons why businesses upgrade their workspace design:

1. Trends and needs are always changing

One of the few things that is a constant in the business world is change.

In the design world, material quality is always improving and aesthetic sensibilities always evolve. What we considered stylish and viable years ago might be stale and gaudy today. Updating a workspace’s design can immediately make an office more vibrant and innovative.

What’s more, any change in workflow or an expansion of services demands design changes as well. When a business picks up, it has to step up its game to accommodate these developments. What used to be relevant to office operations may no longer be an important concern these days. New needs that are crucial to operations must be immediately addressed. The workplace must be conducive to all these changes to ensure smooth operations.

2. Assets depreciate

Offices are themselves asset that managers must always maintain. A piece of furniture that was expensive years ago might not have much value today. Cushioned chairs in the receiving area might show signs of wear with tattered upholstery. Tables and chairs may no longer be as stable as when they were first bought. Walls might have paint peeling off and windows might no longer open. Having an unkempt office makes the business look dull and old.

Office managers should maintain the value of their office (and their brand) by keeping design stylish. Renovation is a must to keep an office’s value from declining.

3. Motivating employees and clients increases your bottom line

The largest line item expense on most companies Profit and Loss is employee wages.

What is your firm doing to maximize its investment in employees? If your business could inspire your team to be 5% more effective, what would that mean for your bottom line?

Redesigning an office is a simple way for management to motivate and inspire employees. Seeing a workplace improve can encourage the delivery of excellent work. A change in the office layout or an expansion of a workspace boosts productivity as workers now have a place where they can work better.

Likewise, innovative facilities will draw in more clients and secure loyalty from patrons. When your clients and customers are impressed by your office — the tangible expression of your brand — they will become more likely to continue business with your firm.

So why not invest in both employees and clients in one fell swoop? All it takes is an update to your office’s interior design.

Connecticut’s premier office design solutions-provider, Infinity Group, understands these dynamics. For the past decade, Infinity has helped companies from Boston to New York stay innovative.

With an open-minded approach and a tested team of professionals, Infinity Group turns visions into realities while also keeping costs and timelines clearly defined. As the sole point of contact during the construction process, Infinity Group employs a design-led method that prioritizes their clients’ needs and vision.

If you would like more information on how Infinity Group can solve your business needs, contact Steven Durel at 860–726–9384 or via