Stories from Africa 9

So.. Its been a long time since I have written anything and a lot has happened here in Zambia. Here are a couple of stories from the past 3 weeks.

There is an American family here, they have three kids and another on the way. The baby was due in December and the mom having been an OB nurse was not to thrilled with the nearest hospital being an hour away especially with kid number 4. She had never gone into labor on her own, she had always been induced, so when she started having irregular contractions with no pain she thought they were Braxton hicks and left it at that. Her actual labor pains began at 1 in the morning. By 2:30 her water had broken. I got a call at 3 am saying she was having her baby and they were not going to make it into the hospital. The midwife for the Riverside community was already there when I had rounded up the necessary items for a delivery. The baby apparently did not want a hospital delivery either and made his appearance at 3:20 Saturday morning, much to everyone’s joy.

There were three deliveries that week each special in its own way. Life coming into this world is such an amazing thing.

We have kids over to sing and play games every Monday night. I have probably talked about them before. This last week we decided to try playing another game with them besides football (soccer). They had a blast trying to figure out the rules from our English and their “limited” understanding. They actually speak and understand fairly well. It is so much fun to have them over every week to play.

Went in to get our three month visas yesterday. Cannot believe we have been here for three months already. Spent the entire day in Lusaka going to a government building for our visas and then to the mall for lunch and food shopping. Planning a huge thanksgiving meal. When we went back to finish our visas they told us we had done the wrong paperwork. It would figure, cannot ever go smoothly when it comes to passports. Back to Lusaka we went today to do the right paperwork and get our visas. Mission accomplished thankfully, we pick them up next week.

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