We tend to always think about others more than ourselves. We put ourselves second, and because of this so called “selfless love “ we are often taken advantage of. If we ever even try to think about ourself wel be subjected to being labelled -selfish, self obsessed,egocentric,insensitive.

Is this fair??

Is it wrong to think about yourself?

No! it isn’t you need to put yourself first. It does not make you selfish. It’s only essential for sanity. This does not mean we are completely inconsiderate towards someone else’s feelings. It just means you love yourself and your willing to take care of yourself and make that your priority. It’s not selfish.

You are not entitled to hurt the feelings of others and the same principle applies to you too.

Noone will care for you like you do for yourself and in the end if you yourself are so damaged how are you even going to be there for anyone else?

There’s a fine line between loving someone and being taken advantage of. We need to understand that line.

If you don’t love yourself youl never really love anyone. Self love is one of the most important aspect of our lives; that we know is important but don’t incorporate it in our lives.

We need to appreciate ourselves more, love ourselves more,because in the end that’s all we have and quite honestly all we need.