The Aftermath of Loving a Narcissist
Veronica Christina

Thank you so much for putting in to word my last 2 decades. I have not lived with HIM for over year. He is text book , so on one hand I am glad I read the book; however it did escalate like it says it will as soon as I started standing up to the abuse. I am/have challenged the traditional psychotherapeutic approach while dealing with my Narcissist; Jury still out, but hopeful. Thanks for sharing your experience, strength, and hope—(Divine Timing) because today a friend of mine that I reached out to knew she needed to share this with — — we haven't spoken in months, but I was the one who needed your words today. Because she is recovering from Narcissist Abuse — she shared your story today.. exactly when I NEED to stand strong and not return to the vomit! PLease join me in prayer — - as we stop oppression on the planet- starting with ourselves. #todayichoose2thrive