How to live (with no money): Mexico City

I am officially at the Tijuana airport waiting for my delayed flight to Mexico City. I have been to Mexico many, many times with my family but I can’t remember the last time I even flew into Mexico, solo. It’s a very different experience than before. I am more self-conscious of my weirdness, my americanness, my accent, my attitude. I’m a big dick at airports. I don’t like to talk to anyone, I’m usually late and stressed, and I always bring way too much to carry. Surprisingly, most of the other passengers here are pretty chill. I heard that in Mexico bureacratic processes take forever and patience is important. Maybe that’s what I’m seeing at the airport, people used to delays and waiting patiently.

I also like to analyze people in line with me at the airport. It seemed for a bit there there was a NYC vibe going on in line but then it turned out the people inspiring this vibe weren’t even flying to the same city as me. I do not see as many weirdos here like me, I hope to meet some interesting people in Mexico City.

I used the Cross Border Xpress to walk from the U.S. to the airport in TJ for $12. There were no crowds and it was a shortish walk. This bridge is great! Modern and easy. It is the the worlds first, binational airport passenger terminal. This has always been one of my favorite things about San Diego, that it lives and breathes connected with TJ. Once I got into the Mexico side, I had to wait in a long slow moving line to check in my bags and get my boarding pass (for some reason I got locked out of the kiosk and I did not check in online last night).

I accidently spoke in English to the customs agent, the authority figure threw me off. I need to remember to be just as courteous about using the local language in Mexico as I am when travelling to more far off countries.

Money in the bank: $945 spread across paypal, acorns, and my bank account in case I am mugged.

Money in my pocket: $98 in pesos

Bottle of water at the airport: 34 pesos= $1.89

Oh! So I had a slightly stressful experience at the airport. I carried on my U-Lock that I’ve had for at least 5 years. I thought it would be worth it to bring with me when I buy a bicycle but I didn’t even check to see if it needed to be in my checked baggage. I got sent back at security with only 20 minutes before my scheduled flight. My options were, throw my lock out or pay 1000 pesos ($55). I decided to just throw it out but not before attempting one more pass through security. I picked a different lane and they noticed it again but the guy asked me what it was without touching or seeing how heavy it was. I just smiled and said it was for my “bici” and it worked! Still had a heart attack about it; I need to learn to be patient and solve my problems without freaking out.

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