Gadgets Used In Smart Classroom

Gone are the days when a classroom used to be an arrangement of table-chairs and a teacher holding chalk & book with his/her back towards blackboard instead of front facing students. In modern times when technology is no more a show object, but an active ingredient of everyday life; how education can remain untouched by its influence.

Technology has made education system go beyond textbooks and notebooks. Nowadays, it is common to find students skimming Google and YouTube to learn complex lessons (like photosynthesis process, greenhouse effect, Pythagoras theorem, etc.) and teachers uploading & sharing class assignments and worksheets on Google Drive. With this background, it is important to understand which gadgets are used in smart classrooms.

· Computer: Computer is the most basic teaching aid to illustrate and demonstrate lessons. Teachers can deliver lectures using multimedia subject material like power point presentations, word documents, pdfs, images and video files. And, World Wide Web enables them to refer websites to share latest information about various disciplines.

· PA System: Public Addressing System is an integral component of a smart classroom. It includes amplifier, collar microphone, wireless –handheld microphone and speakers. Audio-Visual Study material can’t be delivered without PA system in a class. Collar microphone is basically meant for teachers to make their voice audible in the classroom and wireless handheld microphones are for students to put their queries loudly and clearly. Amplifier offers input and output ports to multiple gadgets like computer, mobile phones, tablets, LCDs, flat displays, etc. to make classroom experience better. Pa Podium is one of the latest gadgets, which caters to all public addressing requirement of a class.

· Interactive Whiteboard: Interactive Whiteboard is an interface that allows you to control computer applications with the swish of your finger. These boards run on any of the three technologies — infrared, optical and electromagnetic. They are also called touch boards on which teachers and students can write and annotate with finger or dummy pen. Unlike blackboards, Interactive Whiteboard can record and save lectures delivered in a classroom.

· Projector: Projector is a solution to the display requirements of a classroom. It is a vital output unit for other teaching aids like computer, interactive whiteboard, visual presenter, digital podium, tablets, etc.

· Document Camera: A document camera enables a teacher to demonstrate lessons while teaching. It is a presentation tool that allows to capture, zoom, annotate, record and project book content, diagrams, maps, three dimensional objects & models on a bigger screen through projector. It is also called visual presenter that enriches classroom experience for teachers as well as students in the classroom.

· Interactive Flat Display: It is a touch display like interactive whiteboard, but it does not require a projector for display because it has its own display (like TV). Teachers and students can control computer applications and run multi-media files on it. It comes with writing software that offers many annotation tools, geometric tools & recording tools.

· Digital Podium: Digital Podium is the most recent innovation in education industry. It is a complete smart teaching gadget for teachers. It has integrated CPU, interactive touch monitor, pa system, document camera and webcamera. This gadget enables an instructor to record and save classroom lectures (audio & video). Digital Podium makes classroom environment interactive, collaborative and focused. Being plug & play, it is one of the most sophisticated teaching gadgets for classrooms.

· Mobile Devices: Tablets & smartphones strengthen one to one teaching practices. It offers a more focused approach in the class for better collaboration between a teacher and a student. Mobile devices uplift the overall class experience that adds individuality and personalization to each lesson imparted in the class.