Start of an end…

What it is to live in a state, in an environment where one never know when he is taking his last breathe. A devastation so poignant that it shook pillars of mankind and forced us , forced the most powerful nations and leaders to question the future of state of humanity in this world.

What most of the people will even fear imagining, people of Syria or here I may specify people of aleppo are surviving. Living is an oxymoron to the condition of people of aleppo. Constantly living under fear of death, triggered by the ongoing war between rebels and the government. Sad that none of them care about misery and suffering of citizens.

Pray for the people of aleppo for they have been fighting the greatest catastrophe ever witnessed in the history of mankind. Living under a constant threat, turmoil and terror striken state with no hope of sunshine. Talk about their misery, it will not necessarily help the current situation but will make masses realise repercussions of a war.

Since 5 years people of Syria collectively are jeopardised. Their innocence snatched. My heart goes out for the kids, who could have contributed to this world and now are living under death threat or have died in this war for land, power and religious supremacy.

No religion is greater than mankind.It’s high time we sympathise with Syrian crisis and pray for them because that is all we can do!

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