Ever Thine. .

I try to forget what I saw,

A moment before;

When the beautiful realisation had sunken in,

That I am all yours.

Could you predict the amount of love?

I gave away in that very moment?

Oh you could never,

Wish you could be mine forever.

Your eyes reminds me of the raindrops,

I love to dance with.

When you blink,

My heart sinks.

You look at your notebook,

I look at you.

I wonder, how determined are you ;

To avoid every distraction.

But I do not find it as such,

And i dont even look for your attention.

But it feels good,

To look at you in such a way.

I wish my heart could hold back ;

But after glancing at you,

I feel its the only quality that it lacks.

You are like the calmness in the storm.

Like the first spring amidst the hills.

Or maybe the breeze,

With which dances the daffodills.

Oh, I am so in love,

And I dont care who hears it.

The rhythm of my heart beat,

Which is loud enough

For anyone to hear.

But, did it reach you?

So loud, isnt it?

Now if you ask why,

Let me tell you,

We were destined to meet.

I believe it was all fated,

For the moment I saw you.

Now, You go your way


I go your way!

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