Panel 3 Report

  1. Summarize what you learned about the data viz process and projects that Jeff discussed. What was one aspect of the project that stood out to you?

Jeff Heer spoke about his company, which cleans up visualization data and focuses on animating it so that you can comprehend it. Something that stood out to me was when he spoke about design considerations — interpretations, how they are more similar by distances, visualizing model output, and relevant units of analysis.

  1. Summarize what you learned about the device prototyping that Kristine did for the EMAR project. What was one aspect of the project that stood out to you?

I like that Kristine and her team created a prototype of their mental health support robot and brought it to a school, where they could learn direct feedback. It was through this process that they discovered that people wanted more variety in questions and responses, more emotive eyes, a different body, and an updated voice. It was also very interesting to learn about her upcoming goals in funding, DRGs, and also research on and in the school environment.

  1. Based on what you learned from these professional projects, how might you modify the work you did on your own sprints in these areas to improve them?

Because of Kristine’s work with the robot and directly bringing her product in to receive feedback from ideal users and her success with that, I would incorporate more user testing and usability into my sprints to develop my product better/faster.

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