All You Need Is Love & A Dog ❤ ❤

The unconditional Love ❤

Well in my case all I need is a Dog.. My Dog.. His name is Pommy. His love is unconditional like no other can love me more than him. He can’t say it out loud but he can express it very well and if you stay a whole day with him you can also feel the same unconditional love.. Isn’t it adorable to experience it?? I would say everybody should experience it once in a lifetime.. Actually a dog is the only thing in the whole world who loves you more than himself.. He actually changes his daily routine based on yours.. Whenever I go home after every six month, I get a chance to see him… He changes this daily routine based on mine. He likes to spend his whole day with me. It doesn’t matter to him if I irritate him by pulling his ear and hair.. He is very sweet and can feel my love towards him.. so he allows me to do whatever I want to do with him .. He will sleep next to me ..He’ll wait for me to get up so that we can have our breakfast together, no matter how hungry he is.. And at night if I get up in between.. he is also ready to get up with me.. Isn’t it amazing to see that no matter what, someone is always there with you without asking any question and just expecting love in return… I love my Dog and yeah he likes to hear my voice over the phone .. And he loves eating chicken.. and he loves to play with ball .. Every day in the evening we play ball.. Even if I don’t feel like playing..he will bring the ball in his mouth and will make me run around the house unless we play with it.. And if you don’t do what he wants then he knows how to get his work done by bringing tears in his eyes.. So you’ll end up melting by seeing his cute face … I miss him so much now…


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