Enough is enough.

I’m Abs-olutely Fed Up With This Crap

Tanya Tarr
Oct 3, 2018 · 3 min read

If you’re going to defeat the patriarchy, you need core strength.

So let’s do a 20-days-of-crunches challenge. Let’s CRUNCH THE ENEMY.

Not this is not an ad for Crossfit.

Hi, I’m Tanya. I live in Austin, Texas and I used to work in progressive politics. Now I help people and organizations through writing and teaching negotiation technique and leadership. A lot of leadership has to do with keeping people’s spirits up when everything is falling apart. Staying focused on what can work is my favorite form of building power — to help people call forth the awesome already inside of them and to keep moving forward. Tiny and big victories matter, but those tiny victories are important, especially when things seem bleak. That forward momentum is essential.

I’m also a survivor of domestic violence. I need you to know that because this life experience shaped me and is part of why I l help other misfits — people who, like me, were bullied, who don’t fit in. And it’s why I will always help my sisters — anyone that identifies as a woman. Violence against the vulnerable is the kinda shit that sits very close to my core anger.

Speaking of anger, we’re all worn out. We are ANGRY and all that rage that’s been stewing inside of us is finally bubbling to the surface. So we need to do something with that rage — direct it towards something that makes us stronger. Keep it from poisoning us.

Because you know what?

Anger gets shit done.

So I wrote this on Twitter:

Will you join me?

It’s going to be simple — commit to do 20 sit-ups every morning for the next 20 days. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month — I also encourage you to find a local shelter to donate to — time, money, resources. Be sure to find out what their social media details are and share them with your updates.

Because yes, we are going to be updating this to social media. And just like glitter from your Halloween costume, we are going leave a trail of hard-to-shake fabulousness and tag friends into joining us. Because we are not alone.

Please use these hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

Share your story with video about why you’re doing this and how current events are shaping how you manage and harness your anger and grief. Because that’s what we’re doing — we’re grieving for ourselves, our country, and we’re grieving for all the survivors of violence who came before us.

Tag at least one friend a day when you post (tag more if you want.) If you want to post a video of your entire set, go for it! Maybe you just want to tag a picture or an image — up to you! The video will keep you honest and accountable but they are pretty boring as hell to watch. I leave it up to you!

Please feel free to share this post and I’ll update it over the course of the month. Also, allies and dudebros welcome :-)

Everything is terrible so let’s get physically strong and change the direction of our country. One sit-up at a time!

Tanya Tarr

Written by

I write about negotiation, leadership and equal pay around the world.

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