I’m Observing The Silent Minute

Tanya Tarr
Aug 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Reclaiming my time everyday at 4pm ET.

In 1940, a group of people in London decided to start something called The Silent Minute. As noted in Wikipedia: “During the Second World War people would unite in meditation, prayer or focus (each according to their own belief) and consciously will for peace to prevail.” It was a small but important act of peace and resistance. Everyone stopped what they were doing and observed that moment.

I often wonder if the way many of us feel right now is the way our elders felt in 1940. It’s a strange time to be alive. And by strange, let me be clear: dangerous, unsafe, raw, uncertain, shameful, violent, harmful. Life is a grab bag of misery. But I believe that it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Silent Minute is still observed by people in the UK and around the globe. It does not have any social media presence (which might be intentional.) They ask that people observe the moment at 9pm BST (local London time.) I’m in Austin, so I’m setting a reminder for myself at 3pm CST. Check this website to figure out what your local time might be.

The Silent Minute suggests using the following prayer if you need one:

Source of my being

Help me to live in peace and

Save my home the planet Earth.

To be clear: this isn’t a religious observance. Some people may choose to simply be silent for a minute, or pray another way. However you might choose to observe, I hope you will join me in doing this until our world gets through the period we are in, right now. This is not the world I want to live in, and it is the only home and planet I will ever know (even though I’m a fan of science fiction.)

I’m committing to tweeting the Silent Minute Prayer every day at 3pm CST.

I am not sure how long I will keep it up. I won’t judge myself if I forget one day. I feel it is something I need to do for myself, to keep believing that another way and a better future is possible for all of us.

There is no formal sign-up form or Facebook group (and there will likely never be one.) But I am intentionally going to do this on Twitter (and sparingly on Facebook) because I still believe that social media can be a network for good, and for encouragement and peace. I will be using the #silentminute hashtag.

In related news, if you’re ever looking for a fun set of tweets about kindness, furry animals, and occasionally Care Bears, please consider following #kindnesscanoe on Twitter. All are welcome to join in the GIF-y conversations.

Another way is possible.

Tanya Tarr is a human being on planet Earth who believes that random acts of kindness and negotiation skills are tiny instruments of peace-building.

Please hit the RECOMMEND button and share on social media if you want to join in the Silent Minute.

Do it for yourself.

Tanya Tarr

Written by

I write about negotiation, leadership and equal pay around the world.

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