Developing a Logo Design Process

Learn Fast. Work Fast. Love the pen tool.

Scope: three days, one logo design.

In my time at RED Academy, our community partner Daniel Fox (a holistic storyteller and photographer) requested a logo design. At this point I was seven weeks into the UI program and had just opened adobe illustrator for the first time for this project. I had to work fast, learn fast, and get over my fear for the pen tool.

Tools: Sketch & Adobe Illustrator

Below is the design concept that he included in his brief.

a jumping point

Daniel made it a point to emphasize foxes, balance, and circles in his logo concept brief. The circle, with its nine segments, drew inspiration from the myth of the nine-tail fox.

I decided to go off his nine-tail fox inspiration and add a little of the yin yang. From there I created a bit of a mood/inspiration board of what to base my logo off of.

logo mood board

The word legibility is in there as a reminder that the logo has to work (1) with any colour, (2) with any weight, (3) as outlines and (4) from any distance.

I’d seen Will Paterson on YouTube use the golden ratio before to create logos (see here), and I really wanted to try the approach, but it was not the best approach for me to take on the particular shape that I’d created.

The Golden Ratio Attempt

So, I asked around RED Academy to hear how others might approach the shapes. The best way, I found, was to use a few key shapes as guides, and use the pen tool to draw out the other shapes.

Learning to love the pen tool

From there it was a challenge aligning the shape, but my three days were up.

Tentative Logo

I presented the logo to Mr. Fox, but it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for.

Other Considerations: 
Not only did I learn technical skills for this project, but I was able to experience the beginnings of the design contracting process as well.

It was a bit of a miss with Mr. Fox, but it was great to hear how other people would have dealt with the process of negotiating an for an extended contract.

If you’d like to ask me more about the pen tool, logo design process or contract negotiations, find me on LinkedIn.