Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Closing In On The White House
Ahmed Baba

If you look at the timeline of Trump’s most outrageous Twitter bombs, they are perfectly timed to distract the public from real unfavorable news about him by introducing new “bosses” (as in video games). I’ve stopped tracking them, but here are a few early ones:

(1) Mike Pence HamiltonGate tweet to distract from Trump University settlement (November 18 -19)

(2) Meryl Streep tirade to distract from the disclosure of Christopher Steel’s dossier about Trump’s collaboration with Russia (January 9 and 10)

(3) Inauguration size claim and Sean Spicer’s original debut showmanship to distract from Womens’ March size (January 22 and 23)

(4) Original Muslim Ban to distract from Russian investigation and from Russia’s escalated aggression in Ukraine (January 27–28)

(5) Trump illegal leaks tweet to distract from Flynn’s resignation, over Flynn’s connections with Russia (February 14–15)

(6) Obama wiretapping tweets to distract from Sessions lying to Congress about his dealings with Russia and increasing evidence of Trump’s direct connections with Putin (March 3–4)

There were others, but I can’t recall them right now. Please help me to flush all of them out.

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