Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro.

Eat that frog means doing that work which are not pleasant for you and you do not have the mood of doing that unpleasant task. Every one have face these type of situations I also face one of like that situation.
When ever I start working on any of my project or assignment the mobile tune(ring) distract me from my work. Distraction is like that when I am working and mobile is beside with me I check the mobile after every five minutes and see that there is any text message or any email would not come.
So for eating this frog I took some possible step to overcome this problem.
First when I start working on my project I switch off the mobile and locked it into my cupboard. I did not focus on my work too much my mind divert many time and I looked for mobile here and there. My concentration was less towards the work and more towards the mobile. but I control my self and stop from keeping the mobile. The duration of this experience was 15 minutes for the first time. After 15 minutes I took my mobile and checked it out.
On the second day I also did like that switch off the mobile and locked the mobile this time I really concentrate on my project. And i did not think about my mobile.The second time duration was 1 hour. 
I did this experience many time and its really work. I faced many difficulties during this experiment. It was same as eating the frog because it is too difficult to control your emotion and concentrate on those thing which can not pleasant you and avoid that thing which is the way of your happiness.
Now I am happy that i did a very difficult task of my life.

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