In Person Drop

I really passionate and motivated to work with the Engro Fertilizer. Engro Fertilizer is one of the best fertilizer companies in Pakistan. For getting a job in Engro Fertilizer company I took some practical step.
First I write an email to the HR manager Mr. Manzar Abbas of Engro fertilizer main branch Faisalabad for in person drop of my C.V and resume. They response my email and they told me that come Thursday evening. So in Thursday evening I equip myself. I dress properly I took my resume and C.V and go to Meezan executive tower in which the Engro fertilizer office. The guard ask me many question and I told that I came here to drop personally my C.V and resume so he understand and went to the office of Engro.
The HR manager was in the meeting so I wait for him 2 hours. When he free from the meeting then I met with him. And he really surprised to see my passion for joining Engro fertilizer that I personally came to drop my C.V and resume. He saw my resume and C.V and take it from me.His behavior was good but there was a short time so leave and he told me that we call you for the interview. So still I am waiting for their interview call.
The experience of the in person drop was too helpful. First time I do that and I learnt a lot from it.

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