Life by Design: Practical Steps You Need to Take to do Your Own Personal Life Audit
Thomas Oppong

Hey Thomas! Amazing ideas. Keeping track of weekly activities and inputs can surely make a good change. I think being clear and specific for what you want can add a little more to this article, like how many pages you need done till the end of this week, how many miles you have to run, within how many days you need three of your assignments done, the exact idea of what you want in your mind before you start it. And one more thing “immediately” there are certain things that we get distracted from just if we give it a second thought like waking up early in the morning. So without thinking just do that immediately. You had to email someone but you’re still procrastinating it so when the thought of it comes to your mind don’t give it a second thought and go email immediately and eventually you’ll end up sending three important emails which were required once you sit down to it.

So being clear and specific and doing a certain things just immediately can make it happen sometimes.