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User Experience

Use this as a reminder for what’s needed for the project.

Actionable advice from texts, and past experiences.

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Feeling valued

There’s really just one way to make employees feel valued — take an active interest in their work and give them constructive feedback. According to the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott, “A manager should personally care about their employees and challenge them in their work.”¹ Managing employees is then a full-time job because you have to know their work and then add value on top of that.

Therefore, you cannot think you can just attend client meetings and rely on your employees to just figure it out. Much like clients and your children (if you have any), your employees…

Chaos and efficiency

Better management leads to success

Dotted line management and linear organizational structure, both have their pros and cons. I’ve worked in organizations that used either styles and I can safely say, they’re both good when their merits work more in your favor and outweigh their disadvantages. Let’s start with the traditional and classic style, linear organizational structure.

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Linear Structure

The linear structure dates back to the management styles armies had in ancient Babylon and Rome. Today, linear structure is most suited in small teams and companies.¹

For instance, the company I worked at had a 100+ employees, and we had small internal teams based on projects. Each…

Better copy leads to more revenue

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As product designers, we dedicate our lives to building products that customers truly want and need. We create user stories and conduct surveys in the hopes of finding that next insight that’ll lead us to developing the next groundbreaking product feature, only to find underwhelming response.

Sometimes, it’s not the feature that’s wrong — it’s the fact that customers are not aware of it and/or the funnel is not optimized. This is where UX writing comes in. We can communicate the value-proposition to our users by using better copy that fit their mental models. …

Conjoint analysis & Max-diff

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The typical bootstrapped startup or product team goes about surveying users by… identifying a problem > qualifying users (who to interview) > designing categorical, ranking/rating/scaling and open-ended questions > then representing the data in the form of tables, bar/pie charts and graphs.

However, matters can get complicated when bootstrapped product teams don’t have access to enterprise-grade surveying software and/or when the the problem they’re trying to solve for is more nuanced.

Let’s take a product feature for example — your team has just introduced grocery delivery in your food delivery app but the conversion rate is underwhelming. You have some…

Data Science in the Real World

Learn the basics and start implementing.

I’ve taken two courses on machine learning by now. I tried to follow the work of Andrew Ng for a bit but hearing that man speak makes me dizzy, he’s all about those theories and less about practical demonstrations. My knowledge on Machine Learning is elementary but it serves my purpose — I want to build products and simply know which algorithms to use to add some intelligence. In this article, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned so you can do the same.

Getting an eCommerce site started is relatively easy, but getting sales and optimising for conversions is a more challenging task. There’s a rich library of plugins for WooCommerce, but not all plugins are of the best quality (at-least the free ones).

Following is a list of plugins that I’ve used and found them to be reliable with good visual design and user experience.

User Psychology

Smart watches experienced a revival in 2018 as Apple and Google updated their watch OS. While Google and Apple smart watches continue to be an expensive splurge for the average consumer, Xiaomi (the Chinese manufacturer) has been making remarkable smart watches at unbelievably low prices for some time now.

One of Xiaomi’s 2018 success stories is the Amazfit Bip smart watch. It’s inexpensive ($79.99), has a battery life of 45 days and the software experience is quite good. …

TL;DR: I designed an improved goal-oriented overview page for restaurant dashboards compared to what’s already available in the market. I also designed a page for delivery dispatch planning.


From 2016 to 2017, I worked with a few restaurant owners (located in South Asia) to help promote their business using Facebook Ads. I helped the owners bring in about $1000/day in revenue with just a $10/day budget.

In this article, I explain how I utilise my experiences, observations and research to empathise and synthesise action points, which I then used to ideate an innovative restaurant insights and delivery planning dashboard.



Tanzir Rahman

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