My thoughts on “The Corporation”. Inequality and Unconcern at its highest.

The world is a representation of what we make it. To subdue the earth, we must work to our fullest potential. The unfortunate incidence where there is an over exaggerated pressure on the earth causes many deleterious effects including death, loss of property and the essence of living. This is the extent to which the current global village of so-called socio-economic development and precision has gotten to. The facade of civilization has promoted constant oppression on various resources that are available and are in use and I fear that, in many years to come, if nothing drastic is done about it, we all, inhabitants of this global village will be left to no use.

This is the extent to which the all-powerful documentary, the cooperation, by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott has made me aware of my current and immediate surrounding. The cooperation is a very powerful documentary that seeks to address the extent to which cooperate, industrial and economic advancement and civilization has changed the world. It makes the viewers know the extent to which selfishness, disregard for human emotions and self-gain has rid the world of its sanctity. The documentaries scenes and chapters are powerfully made to represent every aspect of life and how greed and money has been substituted for human safety. It is in this light that the most profound scene for me erupts.

This was when highly skilled labour in underdeveloped countries are made to work and manufacture products for top companies all over America and later on paid very minute sums of money. They are given little money that they even find it hard to cater for themselves with it. This scene made me empathetic and so dumbfounded that I began to rethink the existence and proper balance of humanity. I began to ask myself what could possibly be the motif for this kind of uncouth unconcerned behaviour. It was profit, as inevitably mentioned in the full-length documentary. With the existence of so many unions and so-called cooperation’s set up, I began questioning their ingenuity and true contribution to the global economy and equality. I realised that the interests of the entire citizenry was truly not in their books or for any concern. Their lies, lack of concern for others and lack of quilt for the society was one factor that caused the global village as a whole to plummet.

I believe the world needs a change that needs to start now. Change does not evolve over a day. It takes weeks, months, years and even centuries and though we many not readily benefit from the changes, our grandchildren and great grandchildren are the ones who will enjoy and savour the fresh moments. To prevent unintentional and uncontrolled killings, we must be that change in the society so as to harness inclusion and concern for everyone. Many poor nations are constantly getting poorer. I have come to learn from the powerful scenes in this documentary that, the inequality that is practised is the main reason for this projection. However, if this line of thought is inversed and made to be for the benefit of poorer states and countries so as to bridge the economic gap, many revolutions of successes of nations and states will evolve without infringing on the rights or privileges of another.