An Example of Annotated Question and SQL Pair

How to Build this Interface?

Good Data is Scarce!

Why Spider?

Spider Chart of Some Text-to-SQL Datasets

Why Large, Complex, and Cross-Domain?

Excited? Download Spider!

Other Challenges?

Citation Credit

year = 2018,
title = {Spider: A Large-Scale Human-Labeled Dataset for Complex and Cross-Domain Semantic Parsing and Text-to-SQL Task},
booktitle = {EMNLP},
author = {Tao Yu and Rui Zhang and Kai Yang and Michihiro Yasunaga and Dongxu Wang and Zifan Li and James Ma and Irene Li and Qingning Yao and Shanelle Roman and Zilin Zhang and Dragomir Radev }

A List of Some Related Work

PhD student studying natural language processing at Yale University

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