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Wiggins, a noted, improved his 3% dramatically last season. He was on fire for the first 2 months until defenses payed real attention to his 3. And defensively he can be great, I especially remember watching him lockdown Harden. He gets ripped apart for some reason unbeknownst to me, but the poor D stats on him reflect him guarding the other teams best wing and being used so much on offense. The addition of Butler should help Wiggins become an elite defender, and the toughness of Gibson should help KAT. They seem like great moves and the new players should help lift the others up. The worries from 3 are overrated, they’re good, but not everyone has Curry and Klay… and Durant

I am saddened by the departure of Rubio. Couldn’t the Wolves steal away the shooting coach from the Spurs, you know the one who turned Kawaii into an elite shooter