A Tale They Would Remove On Dash Talk Discord

The lack of professionalism of the Dash Talk Discord mods summarized in one “pinned” image.

It felt as though this had been coming for awhile. Ever since the creation of the Dash Talk Discord, with its owner from Dash Force and the head mods also part of that organization, it was clear that this was not going to be a place where professionalism ruled the day. Even before I discovered it, they had allowed it to become a cesspool of anti-Dash Nation, anti-Tao and anti-Kuvacash nonsense. This came as no surprise to me, as these were the same moderators that I had to let go from Dash Nation for either not doing their jobs properly or showing lack of honor in establishing another Discord in secret while still being mods on Dash Nation. This was always coming.

The Back Story

Let me back up a bit. It will help to refresh you on the full story about my involvement with the main characters in this story. I will start with the creation of Dash Nation Slack. Here is the full chronology of events, with numbers to correspond to future (present) false narratives perpetrated by Dash Force and their supporters against me (seen at the end):

What happened next?

That brings us to today’s events. As I said, false narratives are allowed to permeate unchecked in Dash Talk. That’s important, because they claim to be a “public” Discord and a representation of the Dash community. As such, such blatant false narratives against users should not be allowed. In short, it’s becoming another Toxic Slack.

Surely you are exaggerating, Tao, right? Let’s see about that.

A former Dash Force rep divulges the true purpose of Dash Talk.
A confirmation, for good measure.

Ok, so now that we know the backstory and climate, let’s move on to today’s events. Last night, I was accosted by the following post. Do you think that this post should remain in a neutral, unbiased forum? Let alone pinned?

You’ve seen this already, but this is its rightful place.

Now, this in itself is not enough to throw me, as I am professionally trained in my casino job to handle insults. It’s also worth noting that the people who direct this venom at me are people that I have moderated or let go in the past, so they obviously have axes to grind. I’m aware of this. However, what would happen the next day was the last straw that led to this expose.

Today started basically the same way as most days. I released my latest YouTube video I was proud of and showed Dash in a very positive way, did my Twitter tour, checked Reddit to see if some previous community members’ attacks had continued, and checked the Discords. All good on Dash Nation. Nothing to attend to. Went to the belly of the beast. In Dash Talk, there was various condescending and unchecked false narratives that are par for the course in this Dash Force-sanctioned smear Discord.

Here’s where the differences began. I began to defend myself with well-thought-out comments and a bit of trash talk, I will admit, but nothing that wasn’t par for the course in this lightly-moderated #thunderdome channel. A moderator, one who I actually respect more than the others, ironically, began to challenge my comments, saying that he didn’t want to see this “bickering” any more.

I then asked him to then clarify (as an official representative of the Discord) if he was taking sides against me defending myself against the usual accusatory false narratives. He responded by repeating that he didn’t like bickering. Clear as mud. It was interesting from my perspective that the lies and spin were not called out, but my responses were “bickering”.

I’m sure it did feel good. A veiled apology to say the least.
The truth at the time…

Well, that was the last straw for me. I said that I would be finally taking the time to do a full report on everything, and let the community know what was happening. This is a situation that I dealt with for far too long, and now the pretenses were starting to be dropped. There would be no fair treatment in this Discord. This Discord that purports to be a “Dash community” Discord. More like an anti-Tao boys club. The truth was coming out.

The latest in a long series of false narratives by this divisive individual, all unchecked.

So, next thing I knew everything disappeared, and I was banned. I was banned for defending myself to the annoyance of a mod, and by telling them to clean it up or I would finally take it to the next level, which I am now doing. I’ve been told that the new narrative by Brian (Mastermined, former treacherous partner, former Dash Nation incompetent mod, current mod leader of Dash Talk, who pulled the trigger) was that I threatened to report the Dash Talk Discord to Discord. This is ridiculous, and an insult to my intelligence, as reporting a private Discord that enforces their own rules however they want would gather no concern from Discord.

I bet he enjoyed that. Adding insult to injury, my productive Dash video was also removed.
How convenient! The truth has been conveniently “deleted”.

So I guess there’s one forum where I can no longer defend myself.

In the aftermath of my banning, more truths began to come out. The “bickering” moderator made an false assumption and claimed vigilance:

Yeah, that’s why you’re going to pin it.
The truth is revealed why the pin went up. Nice move, anti-Tao boys club!


Now, in an effort to make it look legit, they “warned” the two individuals involved in the attacks and false narratives, but it’s too little too late. The mod log channel and its history is still there for all to see, and you will find next to no action ever taken against these people. So please don’t let that bamboozle you.

Too little, too late. A good show, though.

So, this is where the story ends. People who deserved to have action taken against them in other forums banded together to badmouth me in a new supportive environment. I’m banned from Dash Talk for defending my honor, and calling out biased moderation. So, what are my recommendations for proceeding from here? I have a couple.

Thank you for reading, and for allowing me to get this long story off my chest. Sometimes in order to move on and create a beautiful omelette, you need to crack a few eggs. I look forward to your comments and concerns.

False Narratives

The destructive false narratives that are allowed on Dash Talk are numerous. Here are a few. The first relate to the history between myself and the Dash Talk moderators.

(1) Brian will try to say I wasn’t doing any work, but there is no proof of that, and the Dash community knows I’m a hard worker. He just got what he needed from me, and that was it.

(2) The narrative here is that use the speculation as fact rule to impose my will and silence people who disagree with me. This is patently false, no comments that did not break the rules were removed. This can be verified by the current mod team.

(3) There is a narrative that I withheld money from my moderators, and that Dash Force had to pay them because I selfishly kept all the money. This is false, it was a mutually agreed upon deal (Mod Squad) and all money given to me has been verified (Dash Watch reports).

(4) Brian will also say that I’m a dictator, and all decisions were always to go through me. This is not true, I am a very fair leader and always take my crew’s opinions into consideration. If I’m outvoted in a particular issue, I don’t veto. Don’t take my word for it, ask the current Dash Nation mod staff that were there previously.

(5) The departed mods claim that letting the mods go was only my decision, but I conferred with others before performing the action. To this day, based on their actions and lack of honor with the secretive forming of a new Discord, I believe that the action was justified.

(6) TheDesertLynx would have you believe that I censored and silenced him when I told him to stop badgering Drako about his proposal’s finances. Joel asked Drako, he declined to answer, but Joel kept on asking the question. Whether or not I support Kuvacash, this is badgering, and against the rules. He was spoken to accordingly. He has not forgotten. Neither have I.

(7) There will be a time you may hear that I “manipulated” data on Reddit, and lied about my flair disappearing. The truth here is that I did move the order of the Discords so that Dash Nation was on top, I admit that. I feel that it more accurately represents Dash. It was “fixed” and drummed up to be a bigger deal than it is. As for the flair, that was probably just me being an idiot. Still don’t know how it happened. Again, no big deal anyway.

(8) Yes, eight. There are over eight separate false narratives out there about me. This one insinuates that I report to Kuvacash, and that together we are conspiring to take over the narrative of Dash. Dash Nation is often referred to as Kuva Nation on Dash Talk Discord, and one individual in particular continues with this narrative daily. I’m not even going to comment on this one. Always verify, that’s all I’ll say.

(9) A prevailing narrative on Dash Talk Discord is that I had a hand in the defunding of Dash Force (as seen in Kanuuker’s pictured comment above). I voted against, I admit, but I’m but one man. This is another attempt to take attention off of their own shortcomings and an effort to turn me into a scapegoat. There is no evidence of any collusion on my part with others to sink Dash Force. Dash Force failed all by themselves.

That’s all I can think of for now, but in case they have more (which I’m sure they will), I will be around to explain why each and every one of them are BS, and an orchestrated distraction to take your attention away from their actions.

If you don’t take anything else away from this expose, please take away the fact that you need to always verify what people are saying about others. Consider the motives they might have, and always ask for proof before you believe something that could be damaging. In my case, I’m Tao Of Satoshi. Am I a content creator currently working for free, laying my heart out there for Dash, promoting it selflessly every day, or am I a leech: greedy and withholding money from others? I have a reputation for fairness that my current co-workers appreciate, or am I a dictator? When things don’t add up, please find out why. It’s really important.

Onwards and upwards,

Tao Of Satoshi

YouTuber (Cash Alternative TV host), founder of #DashNation, digital currency enthusiast, casino supervisor, loving husband and father. All opinions are my own.

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