Re: The 10 Best Philosophy Books For Beginners


This is actually a difficult question – which philosophical texts are best for beginners? But it’s also one that I get asked pretty regularly. I typically suggest starting with Plato, and occasionally delve a bit deeper into the topic, but admittedly haven’t devoted the thought and attention it really deserves to give a proper answer.

Sorry. I cannot read past that, it makes me shudder. Honestly, the best way to learn philosophical thinking is to question, anything and everything. Then go to a book store, to the philosophy section (or religion or semiotics or anything else that sparks inspiration) and look for a book or title that fascinates you. …

Yesterday in an interview the first thing my interviewer asked me was, why my resume (and Linkedin profile) starts like this:

Hi, I am Philipp.

I am a unicorn who started out as a dressmaker, then learned Photoshop and consequently web design, moved on to Front End Development and web analytics and finally morphed into a Project / Team and Operations Manager. Currently I am once again focused on UX / UI Design and Front — End development, while project managing my own design sprints.

The important part here is:

I am a unicorn [...]

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This is me with one of our birds. My glasses are brighter now and the bird is a bit older, but I do love this photo.

She wanted to know why I am starting with “I am a unicorn”. …

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At best this is a steak holder.

Before writing about my (experience based) how to, let me address why working with stakeholders instead of convincing them.

If you are focused on convincing someone about something it is usually, because you are in a real or perceived adversarial relationship (commonly it’s the latter). Instead of trying to come to a shared goal, you are trying to bring them around, show them the light, tell them what’s right.

This can surely work, but you have to start over at every step of the way and gaining someone’s trust is so much harder.

Working with stakeholders expressly means you try to pull in the same direction. It does not mean you will agree at all times and you must not just follow their wishes. But it is a good basis to come to a shared understanding, build on a shared set of values and in turn, manage to have a good and speedy process to come to an agreement. …


Philipp Tautz

UX Designer looking for new opportunities! Noise maker, aspiring auto-biographist, moderated radical

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