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A recent study by Google and Ipsos confirms the interest to provide direct phone call after a mobile search, the latter now being a powerful marketing channel. This study reveals the relevance of the Click-to-Call button (literally “click to call”) on results pages when searching via mobile. This is true for both organic results for sponsored or sponsored links.

The study was conducted among 3000 users who have recently conducted research on mobile before making a purchase in one of the following 7 areas: travel, food, retail, finance, automobile, outreach and technology.

The result is clear: the button Click-to-Call seems to encourage interaction. Indeed, 70% of mobile users have used the button Click-to-Call directly from the Google results page. Therefore there is a high proportion of mobile users using such a direct call button, whatever the type of results (organic or adwords).

Here are some important figures that the study reveals the Click-to-Call : 75% of calls from the Click-to-Call last a minimum of 30 seconds and an average of 6 minutes. So these calls are from users who are willing to buy (qualified lead).

59% of mobile users use the Click-to-Call for speed. 57% want first to talk to an individual and 45% for additional information.

52% use the Click-to-Call to check opening hours of businesses, 51% to make a reservation and 47% for availability and booking conditions.

41% of users searching on mobile are willing to consult with other brands if their preferred brand is not available Click-to-Call button. And 41% of them would be really frustrated if their favorite brand did not offer Click-to-Call. Not to mention that 33% would be willing to recommend the brand to their surroundings after a call via the Click-to-Call.

Faced with this, needless to say, the installation of a button Click-to-Call is essential for any business wishing to optimize its mobile site. As we have seen, calls should be a priority in any industry. And they are not spending mobile advertising (31.5 billion in 2014) or the number of mobile subscribers (nearly 7 billion worldwide) that will prove the opposite!

The extension of Appeal may therefore actually help a company achieve more conversions from ads on mobile. However, this is not the only essential tool because it will inevitably need to trace phone calls to not lose any prospect and better optimize its advertising spending. It is at this key moment comes in… Call Tracking !

With 50% of global mobile traffic through the 2018 * Call Tracking proves to offer a bright future. The U.S. firm eMarketer study just revealed a new study claiming that mobile represents 86% of search in the USA. How is it possible to face such a booming mobile presence and not trace phone calls … Without Call Tracking, you have no idea of the web pages that the caller visited. Therefore, all the effort you put into the design of the user experience and the tools to measure user streams are almost nullified if they decide to go through human contact. If you add to this, that many customers do not like to fill long registration forms and phone calls are increasing, on average, 15% conversion rate, then it is evident that if you do not use Call Tracking for your incoming calls, you may lose money.

What is Call Tracking ?

Call Tracking is a method for creating unique phone numbers to track the overall campaign where visitors are encouraged to directly call the advertiser.

For example, if your marketing campaign includes PPC (online advertising pay per click) advertising in the living room or on the radio, every marketing channel is assigned a different phone number so that you can measure both the quantity and quality thereof. On the internet, each visitor will be assigned a unique phone number which will be synchronized with Google Analytics.

When a visitor calls, you are able to follow the keywords they used to find you, measure the length of the call (to determine the quality thereof) and the pages he has visited before and after the phone call. In short, Call Tracking is the best solution to lose no telephone prospect. And in a world where the phone is used more than ever to contact a company (84% of French use it first), it is almost irresponsible to not track these results.

Now you know what you have to do !

Vocally yours, The team THECALLR

Over time, THECALLR became one of the pioneers in the new intelligent voice applications and SMS. It offers companies optimize their campaigns with Call Tracking, Call Automaton voice and SMS or a JSON API Voice & SMS customizable to integrate custom voice applications.

Source: Google and Ipsos

See the full survey.

* According to the annual study Visual Networking Index (VNI) Cisco


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