Sales, Marketing, and other non-design things I learned while working as product designer
Sales, Marketing, and other non-design things I learned while working as product designer
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When I first started working as a product designer, I knew little about what’s happening outside the “core” product team (i.e. Product Management, Product Design, Software Engineering). Two years later, I have had the opportunity to work with verticals that don’t perform the typical product-building activities, and I am tremendously grateful for the experience. Here, I share what I have learned about these roles.

Marketing 🎁

From creating product teaser videos to optimizing sites for SEO, Marketing is about delivering the perceived value. Often, the marketing campaign is the first funnel of acquiring customers. I always find it interesting to see how the marketing team does competitive research and present our products. That in turn reinforces me to think about what value our own product can deliver. …

TL;DR: Over-preparation and building connections

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Doing user research with international populations is a huge topic, and I am still learning as I move forward in my UX career. I’d like to share a few things I learned through my personal experiences in the past few months on this matter. I hope it proves helpful to anyone in the future in the same shoes.

1. Figure out logistics thoroughly and well in advance.

This should be a no brainer, but too often, I see people not planning enough or only do it at the last minute before the sessions start. Aside from your typical preparations like testing materials, multiple reminders, NDAs, and compensations, the long-distance nature of testing participants overseas requires more considerations: Can your participants access your app/website in their regions or countries? Can you find a place that’s quiet enough with a reasonably good signal (and are the labs available when doing tests out of regular hours in your participants’ time zone)? What are some of the local regulations to be aware of? Which currency should the compensation be provided in (and in what format)? What is the backup plan if something goes wrong? And does your Skype account have enough credits to last the whole session (yes, this too)? Basically, you need to be more prepared for this type of testing because there are more variables present. …

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In my limited amount of time in the professional world, I have had the opportunity to get a taste in both software development and user experience(UX) design. I came to notice the differences and connections between the two fields, and I’d like to share some of my personal observations.

When switching from development to design, the first mindset change for me was an examination of one’s own knowledge, or sense of “expertise” in one’s field. …


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