How to Buy and Invest in Bitcoin

Realize that you do not have to buy one whole Bitcoin, you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. With that said, here’s how you start:

To buy Bitcoin you can sign up on Coinbase. You get $10 worth of Bitcoin for FREE when you use a referral, like mine: (Note: You have to buy more than $100 worth of cryptocurrency to get the $10.)

After you sign up with Coinbase be sure to also check out and learn to use Coinbase Pro (Coinbase’s advanced trading platform): You can pay no fees when trading on Pro, and you use the same login and password that’s used for Coinbase.

Robinhood now allows you to “invest” in Bitcoin (and Ethereum). In this case however, when you sell Bitcoin and want to withdraw it, you would unfortunately only withdraw Fiat currency (i.e. US dollars). On the other hand, with Coinbase you can transfer out actual Bitcoin (to a wallet). If you open and fund your Robinhood account, you get a FREE share of a stock (like Apple or Ford or others) with this referral, here:

Robinhood Cryptocurrency

It is now possible to use Cash App to buy and sell Bitcoin. You can sign up here:

By using the link above you get $5 free!

After you get started with Bitcoin you can also start investing in Altcoins (cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin). Here’s how to buy altcoins.

Keep your Bitcoins safe, buy the Ledger Nano S.