Aam Aadmi Party

and its History

Target Group: Students of 8th standard

Locality: Schools of Delhi NCR region

No. of Students: 30 to 35 Students

Class Duration: 35 mins to 1 hr 40 mins

Day 01

Content: Understanding what they know? Introduction about the AAP and prominent personalities and JanLokpal Bill.

Class Duration: 35 mins

Activity 1: Pretest — 15 mins.

Teacher will show different pictures of prominent personalities to the students and as the student : who are they, what they know about them.

Students will identify those pictures and share there knowledge about them in front of the whole class. After that teacher will tell students about them. Through the discussion teacher will introduce students about JanLokpal Bill.

Activity 2: Reading material ( JanLokpal Bill ) 15 mins

Initially teacher will explain about JanLokpal Bill. (5 mins) Teacher will distribute the reading material (handouts) and ask the students to go through it. (10 mins)

Activity 3: Question and Answer — 5 mins

After reading the material students can ask questions to the students and if students does not have any questions. Teacher will ask students to explain ‘ what they have learnt in the class.

Home Work

Students have to pick any of the personalities or about JanLokpal Bill discussed in the classroom and collect information about it. Students have to write 200 words about the personality (their background, education, achievements etc .

Student Evaluation

  1. Attendance, 2. Response and class participation

Day 02

Content: Discuss Aam Aadmi Party in detail. When, how and why it was formed.

Class Duration: 35 mins

Activity 1: Review of Homework — 15 mins

Teacher will ask the students to take out their articles and read them in front of the class, so that everybody should know about every personality. And ask questions to the class after that.

Activity 2: Discussion about AAP — 20 mins

Teacher will show the picture of AAP election symbol and ask the class that ‘This is the election symbol of which Political party? ( to initiate discussion) Some of the students might be knowing , some might not. Then teacher will tell the students about the symbol and Aam Aadmi Party. Teacher will build up the discussion by asking one more question to the students ‘ who is the leader of Aam Aadmi Party.

(Meanwhile teacher will distribute Reading Material about AAP)

Now, teacher will ask students to keep the handouts in hands and start discussing about AAP in detail. Topics teacher will be following would be available in the handout (reading material) which are:

A brief history of Aam Aadmi Party

Foundation of AAP

Election Symbol of AAP

Delhi Assembly Election 2013

General Election 2014

A remarkable win in 2015

Home Work

Ask students to read the handouts given in class by now thoroughly and prepare 10 quiz questions and their answers from the material provided. (this will help the students for the next day Quiz Activity)

Student Evaluation

  1. Attendance, 2. Response and class participation 3. Homework review

Day 03

Content: Class Quiz based on the Homework given

Class Duration: 35 mins

Activity 1: Class Quiz — 25 mins

Activity 1: Class Quiz — 25 mins.

Teacher will divide the whole class in two Teams and make them sit in two groups. Teacher will draw points table on the Board. Class will be divided in two teams based on the alternative roll numbers.

Odd numbers in Team A and Even numbers in Team B

Quiz Rules:

  • Students will ask the questions from the questions they have prepared in the homework.
  • Each student will be given chance to ask questions to the opposite team.
  • Each right answer will score 2 points to the team who have given the correct answer.
  • Every wrong answer will give a 0 to the team who has given the wrong answer and the team who asked the question will score 2 points.
  • Each team will ask 15 questions to the opposite team.

Student Evaluation

  1. Attendance, 2. Response and class participation, 3. Number of questions asked and number of right answers given

Handout ( Some extra Quiz Questions )–10 mins

Teacher will distribute some more quiz questions in the handout and ask those simple questions to the students who showed very less involvement or performance in the classroom quiz.

Day 04

Content: A guest lecture from AAP

Class Duration: 40 mins

Activity 1: Guest Lecture (30 mins)

Any local Party worker from Aam Aadmi Party will be invited to the classroom. And he will tell students abou the ideology of AAP and the functioning of the daily party jobs they perform. He will again give them a small timeline how party was formed over time. (20 mins )

After that, it will be an open Question and Answer round, where student can ask any question to the Guest and attain more information regarding the topic.(10 mins )

Home work briefing (10 mins)

Students will be divided in the groups of 5 students each. Each group have to plan a 10 mins presentation and 2 pages report (every student have to make the report) for next class. The presentation will be based on the reflections of the students about Aam Aadmi Party, they can include their survey, was making a political party a good option to fight against corruption ? etc.

Student Evaluation

  1. Attendance, 2. Response and class participation, 3. Number of questions asked and number of right answers given

Day 05

Content: 5 mins presentation and 2 pages report

Class Duration: 1 hour 10 mins

Activity 1: ( 1 hour 10 mins)

Teacher will ask each group through a random order and ask them to give their presentation with the reports (every student should have a report).

Each group will come, deposit their 5 reports and give the 10 mins presentation. (1 hour)

Student Evaluation

  1. Attendance, 2. Response and class participation, 3. On the basis of presentation skills and report writing