Sunshine Vitamin

“Do you know one of the widest spread deficiencies in human body remains hidden even in broad Daylight?”

Yes, during daylight. We are talking about “sunshine” deficiency. Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin due to solar radiation being its prominent source. Vitamin D deficiency is a hidden culprit. Have you ever heard young kids or teen complaining about body ache or have you heard them complaining about weakness without doing any significant workout?? I am sure you must have heard them and then cursed their video games as well as mobile for a reason. However, there are all the chances that Vitamin D is a greater sinner than anything else in this regard.

Let us understand some basic things about the so-called “Sunshine” vitamin. Since the intention of these writes up is to bring awareness to regular readers who don’t even have a farthest connection with complicated biological terms, I will keep it very simple. Vitamin D helps to utilize calcium in our body. Therefore only consuming calcium reach items such as Banana, milk, paneer, curd, soybeans may not cure your joint pain as long as you don’t have sufficient Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is a very important ingredient to help bone growth. Lack of this sunshine vitamin can lead to thinning of bones, brittleness. Researchers have found that its deficiency, in longer turn, can lead to nasty diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

As you have understood the importance of Vitamin D for our body now let us see how to tackle this problem. Don’t worry; I am not going to give you a lengthy list of medicines nor have they really required a stage of severe deficiency. The best approach is to address it from young ages. The best way to gain Vitamin D is to lie down on the beach bathing the Sun with bareback, isn’t it? But that not as easy as said. Despite the abundance of the sunshine in the Middle East allowing Vitamin D synthesis all year round, the region comes under among the most deficiency of Vitamin D in their residents. These observations can be explained by limited sun exposure due to clothing practices, limited outdoor activities, obesity, and lack of awareness among the people whereas in India Vitamin D deficiency is mainly due to social, religious and dietary practices. Before I give you important tips for efficiently tackling Vitamin D deficiency it is very important to understand that food items consist very limited quantity of Vitamin D and further they tend to eliminate quickly upon heating at higher temperatures. So best mantra subdues this demon is by a combination of diet and exposure to solar radiation. Both factors cannot be substituted for each other. Keeping this in mind, have a look at some of the ingredients which have comparatively higher sunshine Vitamin D.

· The limited sources of Vitamin D include fatty fishes (Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel), Fish liver oil is amongst the best sources of Vitamin D.

· Small amounts of vitamin D are found in beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks.

But what if you are vegetarian? Do not worry mother nature has taken care of them as well;

· Mushrooms provide Vitamin D in variable amounts.

· Now are days Milk and its associated products are available with Vitamin D fortification. Before buying these products check Vitamin D content nutrition info printed on them. A typical range is around 100 I.U.

Minimum 20 to 25 min exposure of morning Sun is highly recommended to receive optimum quantity of Vitamin D