Embrace The Other Side Of You!

There are two sides to every coin. Black complements white. Night complements day. The mirror reveals two faces, yet we choose to ignore one.

Why are we so conditioned to just see the good whilst discarding what society perceives as bad or taboo?

Do we understand the disservice we do to ourselves, by denying ourselves the freedom of being who we truly are?

Why do we think that by being different, we are in some way hurting others, when in fact, it is the disruptors who have brought lasting change?

All my life, peer pressure is what I have fought against. Perceived notions of right and wrong thrust down our throats by self-proclaimed moralists ranging from the well-meaning aunt next door, who snitches on you every time you as much as puff a smoke, to pretentious godmen who decide your sexual orientation, what you eat, what you wear, what should anger you, what should not be provocative, what is Indian culture and what day of the week is auspicious.

See A Pattern Here?

Everyone you know expects you to live as per their notions of right and wrong, and in turn, forget that your life is your own — to be lived on your terms, your rules, your principles and your wishes.

How could someone decide who you love when it’s your heart that misses a beat?

How can anyone decide what your sexual orientation be when it’s your juices that flow?

And how can someone decide what gender you should be when the conflict inside is tearing you apart?

No one can and no one should, for your choices and struggles come from your own experiences in life, not from theirs. So how can they decide what you should do?

The time has come for change — for uniting in a movement that demands nothing but that you be true to your self — whatever that choice may be. It’s time to embrace that real part of you waiting to be heard and given a voice to. It’s time to come together as one and create a society that’s beyond judgement and petty morality. It’s time for us to accept ourselves first and then others for who they can be or who they already are.

It’s time to simply be you…
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