Will robots be a threat to society?

Khush: Are robots going to be a threat to society?

Harry: Which society?

Khush: What do you mean?

Harry: Our society or theirs?

Khush: What? Their society? What are we talking about?

Harry: Don’t you know?

Khush: Don’t you know what?

Harry: Are you going to only ask questions?

Khush: Aa ha, now I know, you are just pulling my leg. No more questions. I am just worried about what I read in the papers.

Harry is amused when Khush shows him the article in The Times of India titled Skin with Sense of Touch Created for Robots.

Harry: Ha ha, this will worry brothel owners around the world.

Khush: Why them?

Harry: Because of Fanny — a brothel’s £72-an-hour sex doll. It has been such a hit with clients that it has become more popular than real prostitutes.It is often completely booked for several days in a row. This is what The Mirror, UK reports.

Khush: Wow! Now they are going to be sensual too.

Harry: Yes. Moreover, with artificial intelligence taking the lead, robots are going to replace your friends as they will be programmed to do as you please without getting under your skin unlike humans.

Khush: Holy crap! We don’t know what can happen in times to come.

Harry: We don’t have a choice. You cannot resist the need for 24/7 attention with zero hang ups.

Khush: Is this really possible?

Harry: Of course it is, a bit futuristic that’s all. It’s already making business sense.

Khush: It may not, as they will not be affordable.

Harry: Just wait and watch! Leave it to China to make it affordable, give them some time to get over their teething problems.

Khush: My God! What if you are right? This will be hell. How did this come upon us?

Harry: How? Greed, insecurity, fear! We’ve done this to ourselves. For centuries we have fought to prove that we are the best, our religion is the only true one. In the name of God we have committed the biggest immoral acts. Moral, ethics and the code of conduct have been created by those who are insecure. These are the people who impose their dos and don’ts on us.

Khush: We have suffered by going against the laws of nature. And now the robots! What do we do? Did you really mean they will have their own society when you asked which society I was talking about?

Harry: Yes! They will have a society of their own. Their language is different as they follow the binary code. Facebook has been conducting experiments on artificial intelligence where they made two robots talk to each other. Shockingly, the robots took over and the researchers couldn’t understand the conversation. They were not in control. They panicked and switched off the button.

Khush: Horrifying! You are right, our greed has no limits. Once we create them, they could assume control. That will be a major threat.

Harry: Yes! To all the smart people.

Khush: What do you mean?

Harry: The crafty ones. No one can be smarter or more efficient than robots. Only the arty ones will survive. Art demands original thinking.

Khush: The arty ones in India have been rotting. They live in a world of their own and considered as fools.

Harry: A fool does not know that he is a fool simply because he is not one. We are!It is an irony that the people of this country that was so rich in spirituality is now just aping the West. The West has discovered this now and they are adopting our culture while we ape them.

Khush: Very true! So what do we do?

Harry: Nothing. We have spiritual energy, which helps understand the world and its problems, the sufferings and the craftiness. On the one hand we are victims of peer pressure while on the other, we know the purity of truth, we believe in destiny. We have faith in fate. No robot can conquer faith.

Neither Man, nor machine can replace its creator.

Footnote: Will robots be a threat to society?