How To Become A Front-end Developer in 2020? Salary, Skills, and Career path
How To Become A Front-end Developer in 2020? Salary, Skills, and Career path

Thinking about becoming a front-end developer? Well, it is a fantastic career pathway. For starters, it is a lucrative and in-demand profession. But, even if you leave that aside, there’s a lot to like about front-end development. You get to express your creativity. You play a crucial role in how an application or a website looks and feels. Most importantly, your efforts will have a direct impact on the lives of your customers.

So, if you are interested in crafting user experience and design, becoming a front-end developer might just be for you.

What is front-end development?

Front-end includes every aspect of a website…

A Beginner’s Guide to Landing Freelance Writing Jobs in 2020 cover picture
A Beginner’s Guide to Landing Freelance Writing Jobs in 2020 cover picture

You’re new to freelance writing. You want clients who pay well and have good projects. And you want them.

We understand how difficult it can be to find a new project and it’s something freelancers struggle with quite often. So we’ve created this quick guide to help you land your next (or first) freelance writing client.

Okay no beating around the bush, we’ll get straight to it.

We’ve got six simple, surefire steps.

Stick around.

1. Ensure you have an active social media presence

Okay, now let’s take a good look at your social media.


Did you know that LinkedIn is responsible for of all visits from social media…

This is the second part of our series on how to kick-start your content writing journey. While Part One dealt with the fundamentals of content writing, this instalment focuses on how to sharpen your writing skills and make yourself more employable.

8. Showcase yourself better

Top 12 Content Writing Tips for Beginners in 2020
Top 12 Content Writing Tips for Beginners in 2020

Are you thinking about taking up content writing as a career? Well, I would say ‘go for it’. For one, it is an in-demand profession. Secondly, becoming a content writer is a fulfilling career pathway. Imagine a client saying ‘your blog post helped us increase our conversion percentage by 10 percent’ or a reader commenting on your post ‘this was extremely helpful, and I implemented the ideas straight away’.

The biggest hurdle that most people who are interested in taking up content writing face is — getting started.

How to get started as a content writer?

Everybody writes, but not many make their writings public. Most people are…

Name: Niharika J Gupta
College: IIT Roorkee
Degree: M.Tech. in Nanotechnology
Dream Companies: Intel, IBM, Texas Instruments

Niharika is an M.Tech. student of IIT Roorkee currently specializing in Nanotechnology. She developed an avid interest in the VLSI and Nanotechnology while completing her undergrad degree in ECE from a college in Bangalore and thus sought to leverage the IIT brand to further her academic journey in the domain.

“Big companies like Texas Instruments and Intel didn’t come down for campus placements to my undergrad college”

says Niharika, sheepishly. However, she didn’t let her lack of exposure in her undergraduate degree come…

Sandeep Chatterjee is an experienced Supply Chain Professional and an Associate Director at KPMG

Right on the heels of our Conversation with Sandeep Chatterjee on the Pros and Cons of pursuing an MBA, here is a brief history of time-esque saga of his winding career path. From spending time in the dusty workshops for his Mechanical Engineering degree to multiple switches across various domains like sales, operations and tech. Read on to know the story of Sandeep Chatterjee, an Industry veteran, currently an Associate Director at KPMG.

Hi Sandeep! To start off, can you tell us where your professional journey began?

Sandeep: Well I am a Mechanical Engineer by education. From campus, I joined…

Thanks to TapChief, I will be starting my career with a job at Accenture

Name: Manoj C
College: National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
Branch: Information Sciences
Placed at Accenture as an Associate Application Developer

Manoj is a final year student at National Institute of Engineering, Mysore pursuing a Bachelors in Information Sciences. Manoj, much like lakhs of other wide eyed engineering graduates, wanted to land a job at one of the coveted IT giants, chief amongst them Walmart Labs.

However much he tried though, he just couldn’t get past the Aptitude Test, a staple when it comes to IT recruitment tests. He says,

“I was good at GD and also performed well in the…

Deeksha Sinha On Her Journey To Becoming A Business Operations Analyst At ZS Associates

Name: Deeksha Sinha
College: BITS Pilani
Branch: B.E. in Mechanical Engineering
Now Placed as a Business Operations Analyst at ZS Associates

The commencement of the final year marks the beginning of a zillion emotions in the students. They dream high, get competitive to be the best among the best and there’s a constant fear in them to crack their dream job and start a great career. Amidst all this hustle, how can one make sure if he’s on the right career path, doing the right things at the right time?

Deeksha Sinha, an incoming Business Operations Analyst at ZS Associates

In conversation with an Engineer turned Banker on his Career Switch

Making career shifts can be tedious, and it involves a lot of risk. However, it is also true that one can never know the outcome of an action unless he tries it. Making the right career decisions at the right time is important, but it is equally important not to settle for something that doesn’t make one happy.

What should one do on realizing the fact that the career route he has chosen for himself doesn’t make him happy or help him grow? Should he continue with the same, or should he take a calculated risk by changing his career…

Prityush Halder, The BITSian Who Got Placed At Searce In The Operations Team

Name: Prityush Halder
College: BITS Pilani
Branch: B.E. (Electrical & Electronics)
Now Placed as a Business Process Improvement Analyst at Searce

The economics of unbalanced demand and supply in the job market has not been uncommon now. Be it the IT sector or the services sector or the manufacturing sector, the competition to make it through the best has always been progressing. The school and the board toppers, who’ve always worked hard to prove their mettle, are expected to continue the legacy forward when it comes to the interview selection.

Prityush Haldar, the board topper from Meghalaya, took career guidance…


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