This song has no title, just words and a tune..

Many people knew you by name

So many who’s lives you changed

Your endless energy, enthusiasm and light

Filled any room a thousand times

They gave you a light

To show us all the way

You said that anything is possible

Just let your voice be heard

They broke the mould when they made you, brother

A true inspiration, we followed you

Just hold up the light and we’ll see it through!

Sing, sing, sing.. from the bottom of your hearts

Just sing, sing, sing

And never give in!

You always saw the brighter side

Even in the darkest of days

Determination, perspiration, such dedication

You left them all lost for words

You walked this earth

Travelled far and wide

“Climb Ev’ry Mountain!”

No road too long

No stone un-turned

No place to hide

Even though your’re gone

We feel your presence, hear your voice, read your words everywhere we go

We all still want, still need, still seek, still believe in that thing you tried so bloody hard to find!

A cure to this, the cruelest of things.

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