Tapestry Girls: Perfect For Your Dorm

Tapestry Girls
Jan 12 · 3 min read

One of the best and most exciting parts about attending college is getting to live in a dorm. The freedom of being away from your parents is incredibly liberating, and even though the space may be small, it’s all yours. Decorating your dorm room is a fantastic way to quickly make your new home feel just as inviting as the one you came from. When you’re going to add a new addition into your space, it’s important to think about what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re searching for city life, or funky patterns to show your new friends your unique, trend setting style. Regardless of what aesthetic you’re going for, Tapestry Girls is a great way of bringing your own personal touch into any space.

Neon Lightning Bolt by Tapestry Girls

One of our favorite ways to express ourselves is mandala tapestries. At Tapestry Girls, we have over 500 different tapestry designs, guaranteeing that there’s at lease one that’ll be your match made in woven heaven. For girls looking for a bit of drama in their room, our black mandala tapestries come with many different design options. From highly detailed geometric patterns to a beautiful elephant print, a black tapestry is a must for any girl looking for a bold and unique feature in her space.

Indian Black Tapestry by Tapestry Girls

On the other hand, white mandalas create an aura of serenity, great for coping with six-page essays and an impending midterm. A light gray pattern on the soothing white background is a fun way to reflect your calm, laid back personality to anyone who comes into your room. Regardless of what color you choose, mandala tapestries are a fantastic way to bring all your knickknacks and other accessories together and serves as a great centerpiece for any dorm room. Not to mention, the visual appearance of tapestry can even make a room look bigger.

Pink and Green Tapestry by Tapestry Girls

Tapestry Girls is committed to bringing amazing products at an even more amazing price that won’t break the bank, regardless of the average college student budget.

If for some reason hanging things on the wall isn’t possible in your dorm, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the same stylish presence of a poster or lighting decor in your space. Tapestry Girls offers a wide variety of posters, bedding, lighting, pillows among other items in various sizes, to assure that you’re getting the perfect product for you.

Posters by Tapestry Girls

Tapestry Girls products are a great addition to any space, regardless of the size, and a beautiful form of culture and self-expression regardless of where they are. College is a time of growth and development, and Tapestry Girls knows firsthand how challenging that can be. So, what are you waiting for? Visit http://TapestryGirls.com today!

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