The Best Sunflower Tapestry

The Black Sunflower Tapestry

Invigorate your living space with the pleasant pop that sunflowers bring. You can harness the happy vibe by adding a sunflower tapestry to your decor.

Celebrate the radiant blooms of a yellow-petaled sunflower by infusing a little natural flair into your decor. Sunflowers can offer a vibrant touch, revitalizing homes in an instant. The simplest way to capture the beauty of this solar-inspired flower is with the sweeping presence of a wall-defining tapestry. To add a little outdoor style to a blank wall, there are several artful floral interpretations to choose from. Tapestry Girls offer the most beautiful options available.

The Sunflower Tapestry

Soft tapestry with a standout sunflower print

Detailed with the brilliance of skyward blooms, The Sunflower Tapestry will introduce a little garden flair to your living space. Almost cut right from nature, the beauty of the outdoors is captured with the lovely floral graphic, printed on soft, lightweight polyester. This tapestry’s artistic design will maintain its lively presence since the print is realized with fade-resistant color. This effortless is the perfect decor addition.

Sunflower Days Tapestry

Easy wall-accent with a rustic floral print

If you’re looking to enhance the farmhouse vibe in your home, The Sunflower Days Tapestry has a rustic look. With this country-inspired print, sunflowers rise against a wooden plank-filled backdrop. The stunning sunny graphic is printed on soft, machine washable fabric for simple maintenance. Dress your walls with this must-have tapestry, available in several sizes options.

The Sunflower Field Tapestry

Space-making wall hanging with a field of bright flowers

Get swept up in a sea of sunflowers with this wall hanging by Tapestry Girls. The top-notch tapestry features a field of sunflowers reaching out into the golden sunset. This as-far-as-the-eye-can-see print offers depth and rich color, the gorgeous view translated onto soft fabric. You’ll bring the outdoors into your home with this artistic feature, shaped in several different size options to best fit your space.

Sunflower Tapestry

Effortless wall accent with a floral masterpiece

For that painterly feel, this sunflower tapestry has a dynamic brushstroked print. Each bloom is presented with dimension and beauty, cheery colors saturating the soft polyester fabric. The print will illuminate your room with its sunny disposition and artistic sophistication. With several size options available, this tapestry will be the perfect addition to your decor.

The Black Sunflower Tapestry

Detailed sunflower wall accent shaped in soft fabric

Let the floral vibe flourish with the intricate lines of this sketched sunflower tapestry. With a bold, beaming bloom, this sunflower graphic makes a vibrant statement. The sunflower is layered over a complex black and white backdrop, populated with a diverse floral pattern. This tapestry is a natural standout, projecting a distinctly creative look. Choose from various size options to define your space.

Mini Sunflower Landscape Tapestry

Eye-catching tapestry with a contrasting sunflower print

This tapestry features a classic black and white photo of an expansive sunflower field. Its monochrome coloration exchanges bright hues for a neutral palette. The coloration heightens the contrast of a single sunflower featured in its natural hue. The flower stands out amongst its floral cohort, providing a unique artistic twist. This picturesque tapestry is printed on soft, lightweight microfiber available in one size.

Get floral

Sunflowers are happy, yellow members of the plant community. Their golden petals are reminiscent of brilliant rays. If you’d like to retain that floral radiance and add it to your decor, you can introduce a bold, printed tapestry from Tapestry Girls. Our first pick is the original Sunflower Tapestry because it features a colorful collection of flowers reaching skyward. The lush floral arrangement resists fading and is printed on soft, lightweight polyester.

For a more rustic look, the Sunflower Days Tapestry will compliment farmhouse-chic decor. The print features a row of beautiful sunflowers set against a paneled wooden fence for contrast. It offers the perfect color burst to enhance your space. The tapestry is crafted from soft fabric and is conveniently machine washable.

Tapestry Girls has been a trusted home decor source for years, and not only distributes tapestries, but also distributes wall decor, bedding and lighting for bedrooms, dorms and other spaces for the fashion minded.

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