Collaboration: a new approach to organising successful events

Why event tech companies should start to see beyond the ‘tech’ part and take a more strategic approach to meeting planning, implementation and evaluation through joining their efforts.

Aug 16, 2017 · 5 min read

It’s hard to imagine that only a couple of years ago event technology was in its infancy, as today the event market is oversaturated with innovations and novel tech companies. Latest solutions are all aimed at making the life of event professionals easier. However, sometimes the abundance of suppliers can complicate things for already busy event planners. They have to spend time on choosing providers, testing their technology and identifying which of the solutions available would best suit their particular needs.

No doubt, that today the success of an event does depend on technology. For this reason, many planners are ready to invest a significant part of their time and event budget on coordinating suppliers and introducing event tech into their meetings.

Being an event tech supplier ourselves, we understand these problems from within. Therefore, our primary goal is to create a perfect solution for our clients. We ensure that our products are simple and user-friendly so that busy event organisers do not have to spend a lot of their time on learning how to use various features or how to get the most out of them. We always educate our customers and support them when necessary, making the process of technology integration very simple and straightforward.

At TapFuse we also aim to help event planners be more efficient when it comes to identifying possible partnerships. We work to reduce organisers’ workload with coordinating suppliers and assuring that all stakeholders have a great event tech experience. This ensures there are no surprises in the form of unexpected connection issues or difficulties accessing the event app during periods of high audience activity and engagement.

Event tech suppliers should take this important step and simplify the overall process for event organisers.

Event tech suppliers should take this important step and simplify the overall process for event organisers. They must move away from the standard approach of just offering a software product and leaving the rest of the issues for the event organisers to sort out. Similarly, they should start thinking more strategically and attempt to understand the conjunction of challenges that meeting organisers face and offer a simple solution to these.

These solutions will include working in collaboration with other event tech suppliers towards successful events. Offering solutions together and complementing each other will allow event tech companies to provide their customers with a more holistic approach as well as significantly facilitate the organisational aspects of the event planning process.

Here is a list of advantages that event collaborations can offer meeting organisers:

1. Provide the best expertise

Being experts in their own specific niches, smaller event tech companies that work together will be able to provide event organisers with better solutions.

2. Save time

Event organisers will not have to spend a lot of time trying to find the best players in different tech areas. This means more hours for event planning and organisation.

3. Reduce the workload

Event tech suppliers will be able to help busy event planners coordinate, implement and oversee the processes related to the event tech integration.

4. Save money

Working together allows tech providers to offer complex solutions for a better price. Reduced workload means more can be spent on other important tasks.

5. More flexibility

Small companies are more flexible and can provide tailored solutions according to the particular needs.

6. More data analysis

By blending their services, tech companies are also able to provide event planners with more data on the event performance.

7. Improved event experience and attendees’ engagement

Companies that work together already have their internal processes in place. Moreover, well-established communication channels and deep understanding of the particular challenges related to the distribution of workload will lead to an improved process.

All the above points made us reconsider the relationship between event organisers and event tech suppliers. As a result, TapFuse — an event software company decided to partner up with Simpli-Fi — a hardware supplier to improve our customers’ events, save time for meeting planners and guarantee perfect implementation of our technology on the event day. The results of this collaboration can already be seen through increased engagement, positive feedback from our customers and high attendee satisfaction. Moreover, we have been nominated for the Event Technology Awards 2017 in the category Best Technology Partnership.

We aim to provide a better service by unifying our efforts and complementing each other. As an event app supplier, we provide event organisers with key engagement, communication and content management tools in a single intuitive software platform. The collaboration with a professional wifi provider gives us the confidence that thousands of visitors will stay connected with the help of reliable, scalable and flexible technology during the events.

Moreover, working together allows us to offer not just an event tech tool but rather a complex solution to our customers’ needs as we are able to offer:

This means less need for event organisers to oversee the processes related to the use of technology, higher engagement on-site and much more data for post-event analysis.

Using technology at events is important, but so is the understanding of how to get the most out of it. Having the attendee-first approach in mind, event tech providers must work hand in hand with each other in order to guarantee better event experience and higher levels of audience satisfaction in the first place.


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