The two key ingredients of commitment

People always say that you should be ‘committed’, without telling you ‘how’, as if it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

Maybe it’s a lack of introspection on their part, but what they fail to mention is that to be committed requires that you have certain things that drive that commitment. Ingredients.

The two key ingredients of commitment are your internal confirmation and your external confirmation.

We are wired to need some sort of evidence before we continue on and pursue a goal. We need to know the food is in the fridge to get out of bed at night for that snack.

Internal confirmation

This is that feeling you have that just tells you that “this is the right thing to do”. You can’t really break it down logically, because it’s not something that comes from logic. It’s a heart centered confirmation, not a brain centered one.

External confirmation

External confirmation on the other hand IS brain centered. It requires cold hard facts. Everything needs to be verified and seen to be believed. It can often seem easier to commit based on this.

None is more powerful than the other, in terms of concrete end result. Objectively speaking.

But for greater fulfilment and internal wealth, the better one to utilise is internal confirmation. This is because of who you become when you go through the more vulnerable and less certain, heart centered journey.

You will have to go inside again and again to push through, rather than seeking comfort and validation outside, when you’re uncertain. And that will make you stronger.

This is why they tell you to ‘Follow your passion’. But they don’t tell you the full story.

The internal confirmation, heart centered path doesn’t mean that you will get the objective success that you want. But it will mean that you will grow.

You have to come to a point where you realise that that is the more important thing.