Experiencing DockerCon 2017 — Austin, TX

This year I had the incredible opportunity to participate at DockerCon. Can’t fully explain in words how awesome everything was! Starting from the super interesting talks I went to, to the amazing people I happily met.

The story I told at Gordon’s Theatre begins back in May 2016 when a friend of mine and I were building brainstorming.io. As every project started from scratch, we wanted to use cutting-edge technologies and made every step of the project and product as clean as possible. The suggestion and final decision was to use Docker (specially for shipment).

And that decision was what made me part of the Docker 1.12 Hackathon team with Marcos Nils and Jonas. We built Whaleprint: a tool that allows users to manage DAB files as service blueprints, in order to understand what will happen with incoming changes while developing and testing your docker swarms.

Being a speaker at DockerCon made me feel a perfect mix between nervousness and anxiety. I felt nervous because it was my first time as a speaker in a huge conference as this one was, and anxious about sharing what we did during last hackathon.

So thanks Docker for choosing me and Marcos for sharing the experience! So cool!

This the link to the talk with the full story :).

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