What is justice?

I once saw a brief introduction of the anchor of “Wei Yu Watching the World”: “I hope to pass on the true information to my compatriots in China. At least among the countless true and false information, there is more real voice and more power of justice. Even if it is insignificant, I can also be the stream that converges into the sea. I think in the sea of information, the more branches of justice, the more opportunities people have to be guided by the voice of justice. When the power of justice exceeds the power of falsehood and evil, the world will have hope “

My personal understanding is that a person who can say such words either has a heart of the world, goes out into the world, or is brazen. Out of curiosity, after reading many of her works on Twitter and YouTube, I have to say that the starting point for her to look at the problem is really beyond people’s reach, but the more she looks, the more she feels like a villain. I thought of an online saying “I want to tear up others’ umbrellas because I have been in the rain”, which was very suitable for her performance.

Since they boast of being “just people”, why do they magnify China’s events infinitely? Not to mention that there will be some injustice and injustice in all countries, but what happened in China? Is your analysis the only correct answer? Why never analyze the cause and effect of the event in detail, not to mention the fact that the event itself has been pushed to the flames? Do you prefer justice to the United States, Canada, or the people’s movement?



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