Top 8 Music Tech Aids for Working Musicians

Well as you know or maybe figuring out, the music industry and the world has gone completely digital. All is not lost! Use these tools to help leverage your career. There are too many great applications and softwares out here to help you be successful. I’ve simply chosen 8, that are great and help elevate your workload (I know workload doesnt rhyme with the rest of the bit). These are in no particular order so discover all of them.

1. Gustaf

Digital Sheet Music

Gustaf is a cloud based app that lets you house your sheet music and gain access to 1000’s of other stored sheet music on the cloud. It’s interactive qualities let you play along and do other cool stuff within the application.

Every file you buy is stored instantly in the cloud in your personal Gustaf library. No need to download music: it’s available anytime, anywhere on your preferred device. You don’t have to switch browsers or always be online — or wait to play music.

Here is a link to a video that explains this way better than I can.

2. SoundBetter

Top Recording Studios, Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers and Session Musicians for hire

Finish your song

Here’s a simple 4 step process in defining what SoundBetter is:

Describe your project in seconds

Get proposals from top pros

Pick and hire your professionals

Get awesome sounding tracks

Who doesn’t want access to people waiting to enhance your track?

3. Gigwell

Booking Platform

Gigwell is the first cloud based booking platform that integrates end- to-end workflow automation for booking and management agencies. We provide a simple solution to manage all artist bookings, track payments, negotiate contracts, talent availabilities, and track revenue goals. So put an end to searching for gig contracts, signatures, and making those painful last minute trips to the bank for wire transfers. Gigwell lets you be more efficient and work smarter, not harder.

I personally have used this software and it makes life very livable!! There is a 30-free trial and you can also set up a tour with a representative that will show you all the inside goodies. Great for indies who don’t have agents and have to handle your own booking. Tell them Celeste Debro referred you!

4. Gigstarter

Start Your Own Gigs

Gigstarter was created by a group of people deperate to imporve the process of putting on great live gigs and events. With Gigstarter, you sell tickets before confirming your event. Charge your custormers’ cards adn book venues only when you are ready!

They love bringing people together but hate worrying about selling enough tickets to cover costs. Gigstarter takes that pain away by enabling you to sell tickets first and only confirm an event when the costs are covered. The platform has been used for events attended by thousands right down to events with 60 people.

5. Phonecert

Play Live, Listen Anywhere

Phoncert puts the real time live concert audio in the earbuds of fans that can’t make the show allowing artists and venues to expand their reach beyond the physical location they are playing that night. Phoncert also archives the shows so artists can allow fans to relive the experience whenever and wherever…car, gym, home, walking down the street or the multitude of other places where one can listen to music from their mobile device.

Yet another revenue stream to tap into people.


Professional Audio Mastering

High-quality mastering has always been an expensive black art that was affordable to few and technically achievable by fewer. LANDR’s online mastering tool is here to make high-quality mastering accessible to everyone.

Game changer! Mastering engineers at your fingertips. There is soon not going to be any excuses for your music sounding bad, unless you just like making bad sounding music. Ironically, there is probably a small market for that.

7. Wimbo

Be Apart of the Music

Wimbo Music is an iPhone app that gives you control of the instruments and vocals that make up your favorite songs covered by the music industry’s best studio musicians.

You can isolate the part you’re learning and hear it with true clarity. Once you’ve got it licked, mute the part and play it accompanied by the rest of the band.

You have access to a large catalogue of performance ready cover songs, indistinguishable from the originals.

With Wimbo Music you’ll always have a band in your hand ready to jam wherever you are.

No excuses for not learning your parts anymore! Wimbo has got you covered (no pun intended)

8. CrowdAlbum

Social Photo Sharing

Don’t you dislike greatly, when you have an awesome show and the crowd has their phones out and when you get home you can’t find one picture of you showcasing your awesomeness??? Welp……

Crowd Album, which solves a pretty simple problem: Lots of photos are taken at concerts and shows, but the problem is the artist will probably never see them because they’re hard to find. Crowd Album automagically finds these photos and pulls them together into one gallery that can be easily shared by the artist/event promoter/organizer.

That’s it folks. I encourage you to go out and find more tools that make your music career easier for you! Please share more fascinating things with me and TAP Network. Till next time

If you need some assistance planning and preparing your successful music career, contact me I don’t bite

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